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The League of Legends PBE now features live Janna VFX updates

Riot Games has recently implemented a visual effects (VFX) update for Janna, one of the oldest champions in League of Legends, on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Despite not being as commonly seen on the Summoner’s Rift nowadays, Janna served as a formidable enchanter support during the Ardent’s Censer meta a few years ago. While her kit has undergone minimal changes, specifically with regards to the powers of her W – Zephyr and E – Eye of the Storm abilities, Riot Games has deemed it necessary to enhance Janna’s visuals to be on par with newer champions and others that have undergone VFX updates.

As per the company, VFX updates are minor enhancements aimed at rejuvenating some of the earliest champions in the League of Legends roster. These updates typically seek to improve overall gameplay consistency, readability, and graphics quality while enhancing the champions’ themes and resonance. Riot also clarifies that VFX updates differ from Visual and Gameplay Updates (VGU) and Art and Sustainability Updates (ASU) in that they are shipped more quickly. Specifically, VFX updates solely impact a champion’s visual effects and do not alter all of their visuals, such as the spells they cast or the effects that play around them when they emote.

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