Posh Global Investment Limited: Navigating the World of Real Estate with Integrity and Excellence

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of global real estate with Posh Global Investment Limited. Specializing in investment and acquisition, Posh Global offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from property selection to purchase, lease management, legal assistance, tax handling, and family inheritance.

With a presence spanning the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and The United Arab Emirates, Posh Global stands out for its ethical approach, anchored in principles of kindness and honesty. Backed by shareholders with extensive international real estate expertise spanning 15 to 20 years, Posh Global is at the forefront of assisting Chinese investors in navigating global asset allocation. Experience the rapid growth and unwavering commitment of Posh Global as they extend their footprint, providing unparalleled real estate services throughout China and beyond.

Let us dive deep into a thought-provoking discussion about investing and more with Posh Global Investment Limited’s CEO, founder and visionary leader Jeffrey Liu.

1.Can you provide an overview of Posh Global Investment Limited’s specialization in real estate investment and acquisition worldwide, including its key focus regions?

Posh Global is a company specializing in the investment and acquisition of real estate worldwide. Its overseas investment covers major countries or regions in the world, including the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and The United Arab Emirates. All of the company’s core shareholders have 15-20 years’ experience in investment and management of real estate overseas. Posh’s professional team is dedicated to helping Chinese investors fully understand global asset allocation and make investment and acquisition of real estate. We uphold the philosophy that goodwill is uppermost and clients come first, offering comprehensive overseas real estate services to corporations and investors across China. We are reliable and sincere in serving our clients. We always make our clients feel safe and secure.

2. What motivated you to establish Posh Global Investment Limited, and what were the primary objectives when founding the company?

For almost 30 years, I have accumulated a wealth of hands-on experience in global real estate investment, including purchasing process, legal & tax requirements, bank loans, property management, etc. I wish to share my successful experience and help those who are interested in investment and increasing their assets steadily.

Our primary objectives were mainly based on providing a set of quality services for our clients, including:

  • Achieving growth of assets by investing in premium property worldwide
  • Risk management & control by investment in different countries and various types of property
  • Obtaining stable revenues by holding premium property
  • Tailored investment solutions to meet clients’ various needs

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3. How has Posh Global Investment Limited evolved since its inception, particularly in terms of its real estate investment strategies and market presence?

Since our inception in 2016, Posh Global has evolved into a global company with over 30 employees. We have developed comprehensive and effective investment strategies to ensure steady growth and continuing profits. Through these strategies, we have expanded our business to the major developed countries and regions in the world.

Accurate market positioning and in-depth research

In the real estate investment field, accurate market positioning is critical to success. We always carry out in-depth research into the target market and understand the supply & need, potential clients, competition and potential growth points.

Diversified investment portfolio

To minimize risks, it is key to adopt a diversified investment portfolio. We help our clients invest in different real estate projects (such as apartments, houses, commercial real estate) and different countries/regions to meet the clients’ needs and allocate assets reasonably.

Risk management & control

We pay close attention to risk management and control. We have set up a system of risk identification, assessment, monitoring and response. Through comprehensive assessment towards target projects, we can identify potential risks and prepare precautions to make sure our investment decisions are reasonable and profitable.

Brand building

We endeavor to build our brand “POSH” by providing premium services and projects to our clients. With the outstanding image and reputation we have gained through the years, we are able to attract more and more clients and business partners.

Interpretation of real estate policies

In our field, we always pay close attention to the policies of the countries/regions in which we have invested or will invest. Carefully studying the policies and analyzing the trend enable us to seize opportunities and avoid risks.

Business partners & integration of resources

Over the past years, we have established good relationships with well-reputed real estate developers and financial institutions around the world, which is a key factor to ensure our successful investments.

mo_ yan_nobel_prize_in_literature
  • Jeffrey meets Mo Yan, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, at University of Oxford.
4. Could you discuss any notable strategic partnerships or collaborations that have had a substantial impact on Posh Global Investment Limited’s success in real estate investment and acquisition?

Posh Global has established strategic partnerships with top developers worldwide, including Berkeley Group, BARRATT, Mount Anvil, Lend Lease, Gold-Crest, NAHEEL, AlDAR & etc. And we are in good collaboration with reputable law firms, tax agents and banks.

5. As CEO, what leadership style do you believe is most effective in managing your team and operations at Posh Global Investment Limited?

In practice, I am straightforward, reliable, and always willing to go the extra mile. This style encourages my team to be more and more professional and efficient in serving our clients. Meanwhile, I am willing to listen to the suggestions of my team members. Besides our clients, I focus on team members’ growth and development. So, our team is full of cohesion, satisfaction and loyalty.

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6. Can you share some of the major milestones Posh Global Investment Limited has achieved under your leadership?

Posh Global has the privilege of assisting a vast number of esteemed clients in navigating the complexities of global real estate investment, earning us the title of Top Sales Team of the Year 2023 by a prestigious U.K Developer. Our pioneering efforts were further recognized as we took the initiative to establish the U.K Premium Property Forum in2023, aiming to set new standards in the industry.

Our expertise and insights have also led us to share our knowledge and experiences in various esteemed platforms and interviews, including a significant interview with Phoenix Satellite TV, focusing on the perspectives of an overseas Chinese entrepreneur in 2023. Moreover, we continued this trajectory with a similar engagement with Nouvelles D’Europe in2024.

Additionally, we have been invited to speak at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, on the intriguing topic of “Business Entrepreneurship & Life Enlightenment,” as well as addressing students at the British School in Beijing in2024, signaling our commitment to fostering global understanding and entrepreneurial spirit.

7. How does Posh Global Investment Limited differentiate itself from competitors in your industry?

Our advantages include the following six premium services and guarantees to global clients.

Tailored high-quality services

We offer globally integrated investment solutions. Tailored services and high-quality management & service standards bring our clients joy and success.

Guaranteed premium quality

For each project, the Posh professional team conducts in-depth research, market analysis, field trips, workshops, etc. In addition, selecting top-class developers in the world is our unchangeable standard.

Safe investments

Our rich experience in global real estate investment and management. Our successful business background and international perspective ensure clients’ safe investments and growth of assets.

Client caring

We offer property management services for our clients 24/7. Wherever the clients are, they can connect with us any time.

Professional legal teams

We have professional legal teams for international legal affairs, which enable us to effectively support our clients in real estate purchasing, legal matters, tax, mortgage, etc.

High quality aftersales

We provide one-stop value-added services including purchasing, leasing and selling. We offer up-to-date investment information, timely and thoughtful service. Our professional team’s support in management of clients’ assets contributes to high rental yield.

8. What role does innovation play in your business strategy?

As a global investment company, it is important to encourage and embrace innovation to keep raising our core competitiveness and respond to shifting market dynamics and challenges. For example,

Actively bringing more premium projects from different countries and exploring diversified investment portfolios to meet different clients’ needs and allocate their assets reasonably. Bringing more international talents, further strengthening our international perspective and cross-cultural communication ability. Using big data, AI, etc. to support our market research and optimize our operations and efficiency. Using social media such as livestream to promote our brand and business, and connect with our clients and partners more timely and effectively.

9. What measures does Posh Global Investment Limited undertake to ensure its adaptability to shifting market dynamics and evolving investor preferences in the global real estate sector?

We always deeply understand the target markets and make accurate investment strategies, and keep our flexibility, foresight and vision. We strengthen brand building and continue to enhance our reputation and goodwill. Optimizing investment portfolio to meet investor preferences. More communications with investors/clients and actively responding to their concerns to gain their trust and recognition. Keep building and training the team to provide professional and international services to investors/clients

10. What core values drive the corporate culture at Posh Global Investment Limited, particularly in its commitment to serving clients and fostering goodwill?

Posh Global has always put credibility and quality first, by which we have won clients’ commendation and trust. We have become the Gold Key to Global Property Investment. First, clients’ needs and satisfaction are the most important. Our duty is to provide high quality and thoughtful services to clients. We endeavor to go beyond clients’ expectations. Second, integrity is our cornerstone. We are honest and sincere toward clients, employees and business partners. Meanwhile, we hold prudent operations. We focus on long-term stable returns rather than short-term risky huge profits. Third, we encourage innovation and explore refresh investments and opportunities. We work to perfection to reach the top of the global real estate investment industry. Fourth, we advocate cooperation and mutual benefits with our business partners, including developers, law firms and tax agents. We believe a good relationship will take us to greater success.

11. Looking forward, what are the long-term objectives and growth aspirations for Posh Global Investment Limited within the global real estate investment landscape?

In the long run, we will continue to provide more premium quality products and services for global clients and escort their overseas investments. First, we will make sure that our investments are profitable through accurate market analysis, prudent investment decisions and high-efficient operations. Second, raise our brand image and influence. Through premium quality products and services, we will keep increasing our company’s reputation and goodwill, thereby increasing trust and recognition by clients. Third, build upon our competitiveness, further train our team members, consolidate strategic partnerships and expand our investments.

12. How does Posh Global Investment Limited contribute to the community or engage in corporate social responsibility?

Posh Global has actively engaged in corporate social responsibility and made huge donations to charity. For instance, we were awarded “Special Contribution to Charity in Chengdu, China in 2022 & 2023. I myself am honored by the title “Charity Ambassador”.

13. What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business in your industry?

My advice would be to keep learning, keep making efforts, be persistent, be a reliable person, and work to perfection. Then, success is only a matter of time.

⦁ Jeffrey honored as a special guest at the prestigious Norfolk Commemoration Feast at the University of Cambridge, May 2024.

14. What is your philosophy of global investment?

Since 1996, I’ve always been highly dedicated to global real estate investment. I founded POSH to provide premium one-stop investment services to global clients, including property selection, purchasing, leasing management, as well as legal, tax matters and family inheritance. I wish to support our clients to allocate their assets reasonably and achieve growth of their assets.

Moreover, it is not only about business but rather about my aspiration to boost communications between China and foreign countries and make the world a better place. Communication is wealth. We live in a global village, and I have been living abroad for many years, so I deeply understand the importance of communication, not just among Chinese, but also between different nations and races. I like to connect with my clients, letting them know each other and communicate.

If we bring some valuable experience back home, it can actually be beneficial for domestic development. I often share with my foreign friends and clients about the tremendous changes happening in China, and invite them to visit with their family. Some clients indeed bring their families to China to taste Chinese food and experience Chinese culture.

I also introduce American, British and European cultures to my Chinese friends, so they can take their families to experience foreign cultures. Through communication, we enhance mutual understanding and learn from each other. What’s more important is making friends feel comfortable and making the world a better place.

15. Could you elaborate on some of the unique challenges Posh Global Investment Limited has encountered in its real estate ventures, and how have these challenges been addressed?

Posh Global has encountered challenges such as fluctuation of exchange rates, fierce competition, change of government policies, and COVID-19. The challenges are tests for our vision, judgment and persistence. We pay more attention to market dynamics & trends and relevant policies to keep providing premium products and services for clients.

About the CEO

The CEO and Founder of Posh Global, Jeffrey Liu, is a dynamic leader who transforms ideas into reality. Starting his investment journey as a hobby, he has since cultivated his expertise into a thriving enterprise. His business spans across North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. Additionally, Jeffrey established Beijing Cornerstone & Partners Law Firm, catering to Fortune 500 companies for Chinese intellectual property consulting services. Nestle, Victoria’s Secret, and Estee Lauder stand among their prestigious clientele. Jeffrey’s impressive achievements extend to his membership in prestigious international associations such as INTA and ECTA. Jeffrey has recently attended significant events such as a meeting with MO Yan, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. he is scheduled to meet Ban Ki-Moon, the UN’s eighth secretary-general. He was also invited to The Norfolk Commemoration Feast, which took place in May of 2024, as a special guest. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jeffrey is committed to philanthropy, serving as a charity ambassador and receiving recognition for his contributions to charitable causes. He believes fervently in the wealth of communication and the exchange of cultural values, striving to make the world a better place through Posh Global’s expanding footprint and lasting impact.

Company Name: Posh Global Investment Limited
CEO & Founder: Jeffrey Liu
Email: jeffreyl@poshglobal.com
WhatsApp: +86 13911990666.

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Company Name: Posh Global Investment Limited
CEO & Founder: Jeffrey Liu
Email: jeffreyl@poshglobal.com
WhatsApp: +86 13911990666.

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