Kristy Guo Named Finalist for PEOPLE'S CHOICE - BUSINESS COACH by AusMumpreneur

Melbourne, Australia, 1/Jul/2024 – Signature Global Network PTY LTD is proud to announce that its CEO, Kristy Guo, has been named a finalist in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE – BUSINESS COACH category of the AusMumpreneur Awards.

The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The Women’s Business School celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.

Meet Kristy Guo (Cuilan), the visionary Founder, President, and Owner of Signature Global Network PTY. Kristy is an award-winning Chinese-born Australian who influences global networking and inspirational leadership.

Kristy Guo is a Chinese-born Australian and CEO of Signature Global Network PTY LTD. She is a Forbes Endorsed Multicultural Networking Business Expert & Inspirational Award-Winning Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Coach & Speaker. With over two decades of leadership experience, Kristy connected with thousands of global business owners across 100+ countries, and she empowers individuals, particularly C-Suites, to achieve balance, success, and happiness in every aspect of life. She is a global world peace ambassador and is passionate about charity and making a difference on a global level.

Kristy started officially the coaching career as the demand and need became more from her influence and impact in her life. Kristy has always been a great coach and mentor to many throughout her two decades of leadership career, and in the late years, she started mentoring and coaching business entrepreneurs and has achieved great success and recognition. Some of the most common testimonials she received are “Love your energy, I enjoyed so much, appreciate you.” & “Kristy, you are an amazing coach, and I cannot believe how much you can do and achieve in your young age”.

Kristy Guo (Cuilan) is delighted to be named as a finalist and is proud of her achievements, particularly Last Annual Meeting with 100 global leaders. Members coverage up to 54 countries. Started her coaching business with unique value and gained excellent entrepreneur coaching clients.

There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Kristy explains. “Being a mum and entrepreneur makes a mother extremely strong and cultured great perseverance. The most importantly, leading by a great example to her children.”

It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Kristy gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise.

“Take advice, not order.” As a female we always show understanding and will most likely concern how others see us, but remember that we should only take some advice, not orders. We are the leader of our own life.

“Process, progress, not perfection.” Perfectionism kills the dreams. Everything started from the first step. As a mum, you can be so capable as long as you start moving your first step.

Read more at The winners of the AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at the AusMumpreneur Awards Gala Dinner on 16 August in Melbourne.

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