Roundstone Insurance Adopts Gradient AI’s SAIL Solution to Enhance Risk Assessment and Improve Healthcare Offerings

Roundstone Insurance has opted for Gradient AI’s SAIL solution to assist firms in assessing risk and providing top-notch healthcare policies. Roundstone, a captive health insurance provider for small- to medium-sized businesses, is based in Ohio, while Gradient AI, a Boston-based AI software provider for the insurance industry, provides the SAIL solution, which aims to bridge the information gap created when traditional insurance firms do not disclose an employer’s claims history. By leveraging de-identified data, Roundstone can use the SAIL solution’s AI and data analysis to evaluate risk for member organisations, allowing underwriters to quote new businesses.

 Moreover, the SAIL solution can utilise prescription, medical, and laboratory data to enhance predictions. According to Bruce Dunham, Roundstone’s underwriting manager, Gradient AI allows them to receive an impartial snapshot projection of claims within minutes of submission. Additionally, they obtain the necessary information without having to conduct time-consuming personal health questionnaires, which can be tedious, error-prone, and intrusive to employees.

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