Revolutionizing Pain Management: The AVACEN Journey in Advanced Pain Relief

AVACEN Medical is a pioneering company committed to offering innovative solutions for non-invasive pain management and wellness. Founded with a vision to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic pain and other conditions, AVACEN Medical has revolutionized the realm of heat therapy.

Let’s start an insightful discussion with Danielle Forsgren, the director, CMO, and Co-founder of AVACEN.

Q1: What is AVACEN, the product with the reassuring tagline “pain relief from the palm of your hand”?

Danielle Forsgren: AVACEN Medical uses the AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM), a non-invasive pain management technology platform for people at normal body temperature. This technology platform uses a microprocessor-controlled chamber to surround the hand with slight negative pressure while adding heat to the palm. This negative pressure gently expands the volume of blood in the palm’s unique vascular networks while heat is simultaneously transferred from the computer-managed palm pad into these expanded vascular networks.

Q2: What fundamental science underpins the medical devices developed by AVACEN?

Danielle Forsgren: With patented, FDA-cleared Class II medical devices, AVACEN’s cutting-edge technology combines heat therapy with negative pressure to increase local circulation in a unique vascular network located in the palm of the hand. Raising the blood temperature at this “single point treatment” (the palm) increases blood temperature throughout the body naturally via the circulatory system, benefiting the entire body.

Q3: Describe the authentication process for AVACEN’s certifications and patent rights?

Danielle Forsgren: AVACEN spent six years in R&D and went through the FDA process. AVACEN devices are Class II medical devices, cleared as heat therapy systems indicated for the temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness; the temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, minor strains, and minor sprains; muscular relaxation; and the temporary increase in local circulation where applied.

Q4: Describe the unique features of your products, which include AVACEN Home, AVACEN Home+, AVACEN Home XL, AVACEN Pro+, and AVACEN CSS, in detail?

Danielle Forsgren: Increasing your body’s blood temperature from within your vascular network rather than from outside with the use of a spa, sauna, or heating pad is the key to the entire process. The palm of the hand is one of the best places for applied heat therapy because of the unique network of blood vessels that exist very close to the skin. When your body naturally heats up, it pumps more blood to your hands and feet to dissipate the excess heat. That’s why you can stick your foot out of the covers at night and cool off so easily.

AVACEN has reversed that process to help you improve your body’s microcirculation. While this method seems simple, it was overlooked as a treatment solution because, except for the intentional creation of hyperthermia to treat cancer, the primary purpose for infusing heat into the circulatory system was to move people suffering from extreme cold and shock to a normal body temperature as safely as possible. And when the body recovered, the job was done, and there was no need for further warming or testing.

Our patented AVACEN Treatment Method (ATM) continues to infuse heat into the circulatory system for people with a normal body temperature. The result is that the body works to dissipate this unwanted infusion of heat by pumping warmed blood through deep tissue, causing blood vessels and capillaries throughout the body to expand in order to dissipate this excess heat. This normal thermal exchange process is called radiation. This results in significant benefits for arthritis and muscular relaxation.

Q5: What is the optimal way to use an AVACEN device to achieve the desired outcomes?

Danielle Forsgren: The AVACEN protocol is 20–30 minutes per day, morning and night. The beauty of this device is that it’s a dry heat pad, a vacuum, and your body. To date, we’ve had over 25 million treatments. I personally use it four times a day.

Q6: Provide a description of your reward, trade-in, and trade-up programs, highlighting the advantages they provide for your clients?

Danielle Forsgren: We currently have an affiliate program we developed for our customer base and practitioners. Because we are a device that needs to be experienced, it can’t sit on a shelf. Our affiliates are very passionate because most of them have had life-changing experiences using AVACEN. The “Trade-in Trade-Up” program was developed for our 11,000 customers who want our latest AVACEN XL and PRO+, which are our third-generation devices. The Gen 3 handles 99% of people’s wrists (athletes), and it’s our latest technology.

Q7: Which common conditions can AVACEN help treat more effectively?

Danielle Forsgren: There are many “side benefits” when you engage the parasympathetic system and help your body create microcirculation.

Q8: For sixteen years, AVACEN has been taking the pharmaceutical industry by storm with its groundbreaking devices. How do you envision the future?

Danielle Forsgren: Our vision has always been that an AVACEN should be available for everyone. Not everyone can afford one, but it would be so advantageous to have community AVACENs in churches, temples, clinics, etc., wherever people gather.

Q9: As the founder, CMO, and director of AVACEN, could you share insights into how you’ve contributed to the company’s growth and success?

Danielle Forsgren: This has been a 16-year journey, for sure. As AVACEN’s spokesperson, I’ve also been responsible for creating our affiliate program, training practitioners and spas, attending conventions, trade shows, branding, and company culture. Of course, creating and maintaining sales is my top priority. I’m on a mission to see Thomas Muehlbauer, our inventor & Chairman’s vision become a household name. We are a small but passionate company with a big dream: to help the world feel better and thrive. At AVACEN Medical, we like to say we are changing people’s health and wellness one palm at a time.

Company Name: AVACEN Medical
Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer/ Director: Danielle Forsgren

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