Revolution Through Evolution: The Innovative Journey Of Inavya Ventures And AI

Inavya Ventures Ltd is a London-based startup that specializes in artificial intelligence for medical applications. Inavya Ventures created AVATR, a regulated medical-grade device.

This device is compatible with other medical devices and aids in the collection of accurate environmental, social, and behavioral data from patients.

The ultimate goal of this device is to ensure the well-being of patients outside the hospital. The goal of this novel augmented intelligence system is to provide personalized medicine on a large scale and across borders.

AVATR: An AI-Powered Revolutionary Advancement

AVATR technology, created by Inavya Ventures enables people to create, manage, and share their quantified selves using a smartphone in order to get individualized medical care whenever and wherever they need it.

Drawing on Sanskrit philosophical concepts of self and blending medical, scientific, and technological advancements, AVATR empowers individuals to live well autonomously.

AVATR leverages AI to deliver personalized medical care on a large scale. By continuously analyzing multifactorial data, it helps medical professionals to customize care to each patient’s unique needs, circumstances, and preferences. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility across devices make advanced healthcare universally accessible.

Inavya collaborates with top global healthcare institutions to transform healthcare delivery, optimizing resources and enhancing system efficiency. AVATR is positioned as an invaluable resource for reducing costs and improving outcomes, establishing a new benchmark in AI-driven healthcare.

The Unwavering Path Of Advancement

Since its inception in 2015, AVATR has been at the forefront of healthcare technology innovation.

From its early development to global recognition, AVATR has consistently pushed the boundaries of personalized medicine. Its collaborations with leading NHS hospitals have honed and validated its capabilities, while expansions into markets such as Peru, Brazil and Singapore demonstrate its adaptability across diverse healthcare environments. AVATR’s milestones reflect its commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes worldwide.

In recognition of its innovation, the UK government has distinguished Inavya as a One World Company and a First 100 Playbook Company. Inavya has also earned accolades such as ‘Best Startup London – 2023,’ ‘Precision Medicine Startup of the Year – 2023,’ and was listed among the ‘Top-10 Innovators – 2024.’ These honors underscore Inavya’s leadership in advancing medical technology and its global impact.

Further enhancing its efforts, Inavya has partnered with HealthSum AS, a Norwegian-Swiss company pioneering a novel Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to transform healthcare globally. The partnership ensures unmatched data security, cost-efficiency, and environmental protection.

As noted by Nigel J. Green, HealthSum’s COO –

“HealthSum AS and Inavya, with their innovative AVATR platform, are combining strengths to bridge the gap between Real World Evidence (RWE) and Real World Data (RWD). We reconstitute fragmented health data streams into a cohesive, patient-centric digital ecosystem by integrating our advanced AI and machine learning capabilities. This allows physicians to make better and faster decisions while patients regain ownership of their digital selves for better health outcomes. Together, we’re making personalized, precision medicine accessible for everyone, empowering individuals to take charge of their health and transforming the healthcare landscape.”

The AVATR’s user-friendly interface

AVATR’s user-friendly interface, crafted by designers John Walters and Chris da Costa, sets a new standard for accessibility in healthcare technology. It empowers patients to interact effortlessly by integrating robust functionality with intuitive design principles, providing a clean and easy experience.

A standout feature is its comprehensive multilingual support, reflecting AVATR’s commitment to serving diverse populations globally. This ensures language barriers don’t hinder access to essential services.
AVATR prioritizes simplicity without compromising functionality. Its design guides users through complex medical data and treatment options, making information easy to understand and act upon. Users confidently navigate the AVATR interface, whether they are accessing records, creating care plans, or receiving treatment recommendations.

This interface represents a major paradigm shift in healthcare technology, bringing the potential of cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to a global audience.

The AVATR’s compatibility score

AVATR is engineered to operate across various devices, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. This compatibility is crucial for ensuring patients can access personalized medical care regardless of their technological resources or location.

The Role of AVATR in Global Healthcare

By partnering with institutions like the NHS and pioneering projects in Peru and Brazil, Inavya seeks to transform healthcare worldwide.

At its core, AVATR democratizes access to personalized healthcare, ensuring everyone benefits regardless of socioeconomic status or location. Focusing on care plan adherence, AVATR addresses diverse population needs, particularly in underserved regions. Ongoing projects in Peru and Brazil demonstrate AVATR’s commitment to tackling global health disparities. Leveraging its scalable platform, AVATR aims to bridge healthcare access gaps and improve outcomes for communities in need.

Planned expansion into Mexico and the USA signifies a bold step towards broader impact and growth.

Safety and Privacy: First and foremost

At Inavya, safeguarding patient data privacy and security is our highest priority. We employ cutting-edge encryption methods and adhere rigorously to data protection regulations to ensure the utmost protection of personal information.

Data collection undergoes stringent monitoring to prevent unauthorized access or breaches.
In a groundbreaking stride towards enhanced security, Inavya’s collaboration with HealthSum AS integrates decentralized storage, AI at the edge, and distributed ledger technology.

This amalgamation ensures unparalleled privacy and security and instills trust among patients, clinicians, and stakeholders.

HealthSums’ implementation of Kubernetes scaling orchestration optimizes energy consumption in line with industry sustainability standards, while bolstering our data security infrastructure.

AVATR: A Revolution in the Medical Domain

Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, AVATR employs predictive analytics to identify early health indicators, preventing adverse outcomes and reducing costs. Clinicians can proactively develop optimized treatment plans by analyzing patient data in real-time, enhancing efficacy and adherence.

The Rome-based team at Inavya, led by Aleardo Furlani, consists of highly skilled AI developers, including Dr. Alessio Gugliotta, Dr. Marko Vujasinovic, Edoardo Gazzella, Dr. Remo Pomposini, and Dr. Damiano D’Amici. This team is pivotal in developing the core technical build and providing operational support, which is essential for driving Inavya’s cutting-edge healthcare innovations forward.
With sponsorship from Microsoft, Dr. Peter Sahota is spearheading the development of novel GenAI agents for AVATR to revolutionize workflows and decision-making.

AVATR’s synthetic multidisciplinary teams enhance pharmaceutical research and personalized patient healthcare by analyzing extensive datasets and applying expert knowledge collaboratively. For scientists, these teams accelerate drug discovery and validate drug efficacy, and for clinicians, they enable the tailoring of patient care plans to support optimal clinical decision-making. Rival synthetic teams can be instructed to challenge and peer-review decisions of the assigned team, enabling continuous improvement and refinement of AVATR’s algorithms through machine learning.

Affordable Excellence, The Promise of Inavya

Inavya ensures the cost-effectiveness of its AI-backed services through strategic investments, including Deepbridge’s capital and expert guidance from Dr. Andrew Round and Ben Carter. These investments validate Inavya’s vision, attracting further support from the investor community.

Additionally, Inavya secures R&D grants and contracts to supplement its financial resources, accelerating innovation while accessing specialized expertise. Its lean operational model and effective governance minimizes overhead costs without compromising quality, further enhancing efficiency.

Strategic commercial partnerships provide access to additional resources and market opportunities, bolstering the cost-effectiveness of its services. Overall, Inavya’s financial strategy – combining investments, grants, and contracts with lean operations, technology deployments and strategic partnerships – drives innovation and delivers significant value to clients and stakeholders.

Insightful Leadership Of Michael Wilkinson, the CEO & Founder Of Inavya Ventures

At the helm of Inavya stands Dr Michael Wilkinson, a visionary leader with a passion for driving healthcare innovation.

With a background that spans the UK and the USA, Michael brings a wealth of experience to deliver the Inavya vision. Holding a PhD from Warwick University Medical School and boasting previous appointments at prestigious institutions such as the NHS, LSHTM, Cabinet Office, and Rush Hospital in Chicago, Michael’s leadership is underpinned by a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and an unwavering commitment to improving health outcomes.

As the CEO and Co-Founder, Michael is not only a visionary, he is a team player who fosters collaboration. He understands the value of assembling a diverse team of experts who bring different perspectives, networks, and skill sets, driving innovation and excellence in every aspect of Inavya’s operations. Key team members contribute to Michael’s vision of AI-enabled healthcare transformation, including non-executive board directors Aleardo Furlani and Jack Tsang, as well as investor relations manager Thomas Szczepaniak.

Co-founder Aleardo Furlani – who earned an MBA at IESE Business School and studied at the Harvard JFK School of Government – founded Innova, a prominent science and technology accelerator in Rome, Italy. With a proven track record, Aleardo has successfully incubated numerous companies, facilitating their growth in international markets.

Leveraging his robust credentials, Aleardo contributes exceptional business insight and board-level expertise to Inavya’s global operations and governance. With his expertise in technology transaction law spanning the UK and international markets, Jack Tsang provides invaluable strategic support for UK and international expansion, ensuring that Inavya optimally navigates complex investment and regulatory landscapes. With premium scientific, business and venture capital credentials, Thomas Szczepaniak is pivotal in strategically pacing and positioning Inavya’s investment.

Together, Michael Wilkinson, Aleardo Furlani, Jack Tsang, and Thomas Szczepaniak form a formidable leadership team. They drive Inavya forward with a shared vision of leveraging AI technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes globally. Their collaborative efforts and diverse expertise guides the company’’s success, ensuring that Inavya remains at the forefront of global innovation in the healthcare industry.

Actual Testimonials From Happy Clients

“AVATR transcends current health approaches by leveraging the transformative potential of generative AI in patient follow-up. Its innovative approach is revolutionizing healthcare pathways, particularly for chronic patients who require continuous monitoring and personalized care. It’s improving the quality of life for patients, empowering them to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, while bringing cost-effectiveness to the health ecosystem.” – Guilherme Robello, Head of Innovation, InCor Hospital, São Paulo, BRAZIL

“Avatr breaks down geographical, cultural, and economic barriers, harnessing the power of generative AI in the patient follow-up, to improve outcomes, and elevate the patient’s quality of life” – Dr Claudia A. Sedano Porras, Head of R&D, Detecta Clinic, Lima, PERU

Company Name: Inavya ventures Ltd
Co-founder: Aleardo Furlani
Founder & CEO: Michael Wilkinson

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