Empowering Business Excellence: Navigating Success with TaxKriya

TaxKriya, headquartered in Chennai, India, is renowned for its comprehensive business management solutions, including startup, compliance, and financial advisory services. The company’s commitment to strategic planning and support, aimed at establishing long-term partnerships through specialized growth solutions, greatly contributes to the success of their clients. By streamlining intricate processes, their methods free up entrepreneurs to concentrate on their goals. What sets TaxKriya apart are their innovative solutions, drive for excellence, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Here’s an exciting interview with Taxkriya’s young and ambitious co-founder, Gowtham Began.

1. How would you describe Taxkriya’s launch, which enables entrepreneurs to visualize their dreams?

We started our career through Chartered Accountancy,which provided us with an opportunity to interact 100s if not 1000s of entrepreneurs. During this journey we understood the entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs had great troubles in navigating through the complex legal/compliance infrastructure.

Fast Forward to 2020, during one of the most ruthless periods mankind has ever faced, we launched Taxkriya with a vision to simplify, educate and guide entrepreneurs in different areas like Incorporations, Compliances, fund raising, Intellectual Property Rights etc. Taxkriya aims to make the process of starting and running a business seamless and accessible to all.

Today, we have supported over 13000 businesses spanning our services in over 10 countries and constantly expanding.

2. Why is the function of a financial consulting firm so important to the development
and expansion of an enterprise or startup?

The provision of financial advisory services by business growth enablers plays a pivotal role in nurturing the growth and expansion of enterprises, especially startups. In an increasingly competitive global market, along with the high level technology, having access to expert advice/service in underlying areas can provide enterprises with a significant competitive advantage and also save huge time/costs which is very crucial .

Business Growth Enablers like Taxkriya, bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to the table. By leveraging insights and guidance businesses can develop sound financial strategies that align with their long-term objectives. Moreover, what works for one business doesn’t work for another, so customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each enterprise are highly relevant and effective.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, with a goal to achieve sustainable growth it is extremely necessary to have informed financial decisions.

3. What extensive services do you provide to someone starting a business from the
ground up?

Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses at various stages of their growth and we are constantly adding in our repertoire with newer services which we believe will provide value for the businesses.

Our service portfolio is spread out in over 10 countries that includes,

  • Support in Formation of various types of business entities.
  • Support in Compliance and regulatory based support that help businesses stay compliant with various applicable laws.
  • Intellectual Property Rights which is very crucial to protect your brand in the current harsh business era.
  • Guidance and support to businesses seeking to raise capital from various sources, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and institutional investors.
  • Helping businesses create strong and consistent brand identity.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and tailor our services accordingly. By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of your operations.

4. In 2024, how do you see India’s startup investment landscape?

If we analyze the 2024 Q1 investment data there is a small decline of 3% when compared to the figures of 2023 Q1 data.

But we believe, by the end of the year, that there will be an overall slight boom in the capital coming into the Indian Startup ecosystem taking into consideration various major trends.

  • Big money flows can be expected for startups that combine DeepTech, AI, ML in their existing infrastructure.
  • As the Sustainability based Investments Gets Hotter, more investors are gonna be all over startups that are trying to solve social and environmental problems.
  • Even after various regulatory updates, International investors are still pumped about India’s startup scene.

In short, it will be an interesting year ahead for the Indian startups.

5. The COVID period has significantly endangered the world economy. Does the Indian market still feel the effects of that?

Yes, our world hasn’t completely recovered from the damage caused by the pandemic even after 4 years.

Even though several countries like India have bounced back remarkably with various measures from the government and all the related parties, still it will take some time for the growth rate to reach pre pandemic levels as the damage caused is steep.

6. Could you elaborate on the significant contribution made by Mukunth Vijayaragavan,
the co-founder of Taxkriya?

Absolutely, I’d be delighted to. Mukunth has been an integral part of Taxkriya since its inception in 2020 obviously. As someone who has not only been my senior but also a close friend for over a decade, sometimes friends can get along well with business relations as well.

Coming to contributions, Mukunth brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, having worked extensively in a variety of different fields. Being a Law aspirant, his expertise has been crucial in shaping the strategic direction of Taxkriya.

Also Mukunth has an exceptional ability to build and nurture relationships. Whether it’s with our clients, partners, or within our team, his approachability and professionalism have fostered a culture of trust and collaboration.

In summary, working alongside Mukunth has been an incredible journey as his contributions go far beyond their role as co-founder. It’s an honor to work with someone so dedicated, and I am excited about what the future holds for Taxkriya under Mukunth’s continued leadership.

7. This one’s for you Gowtham Began. As a fellow co-founder of Taxkriya, how do you
feel about being a part of such an incredible feat at such a young age?

With having supported over 13000 businesses, personally I am filled with a profound sense of responsibility and gratitude. But beyond the numbers, our unwavering commitment lies in continuing to deliver even more value to businesses worldwide. I believe every business has the potential to reach extraordinary heights, and can be engineered to achieve the same.

Also the prime reason for reaching this small feat is because a group of passionate individuals tirelessly collaborate to ensure the success of every business we serve. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, patience, dedication and unwavering support are the driving forces behind our achievements.

I am immensely grateful for the trust and confidence placed in us by our valued clients. Their success is our success, and we are honored to be a small part of every growth story. In 2024, we are happy to write a new chapter, where we try to reach more entrepreneurs in more countries through an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value and supporting businesses in reaching new heights.


TaxKriya’s journey from inception to supporting over 13,000 businesses across multiple countries is a testament to their dedication and innovative approach to business management solutions. Their comprehensive services, from startup assistance to financial advisory, have empowered countless entrepreneurs to navigate complex legal and compliance landscapes, focusing instead on achieving their goals. The insights shared by co-founder Gowtham Began highlight the company’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. As TaxKriya continues to expand and adapt to the evolving business environment, their impact on the global startup ecosystem is set to grow even further, solidifying their role as a trusted partner in business success.

Company Name:  Taxkriya
Website: www.taxkriya.com
Co Founder: Gowtham Began
Email: gowthambegan@taxkriya.com

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