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The AllazoHealth Approach

In the contemporary era, a multitude of small pharmaceutical companies operate autonomously. However, with the advancement of society towards improved healthcare, there is a pressing need for a well-structured healthcare plan that optimizes resources and provides the best possible solutions at affordable rates. AllazoHealth is a machine learning firm that focuses on instilling behavioral change in patients through personalized and proactive interventions. Their aim is to lead the industry in precision engagement and predictive analytics, revolutionizing how their enterprise healthcare clients engage and enhance the health of their patient population.

The AllazoEngine™ employs cutting-edge behavioral sciences and machine learning to predict which patients are susceptible to specific behaviors and determine the most effective interventions for each patient. Their approach enables clients to develop and execute more impactful intervention programs that enhance the outcomes of their patient population. Presently, the company is committed to driving behavioral change concerning medication non-adherence. Their clients thus far encompass some of the largest payers, manufacturers, retail pharmacies, and provider systems in the country.

Clifford Jones, an accomplished CEO who pioneered an award-winning medication adherence program utilized by more than 14 million patients, comprehended the exigency for predictive analytics and customized interventions to efficiently tackle patient non-adherence. Despite this realization, he observed a dearth of substantial programs that leveraged such techniques to their full potential. Thus, to bridge this gap, he assembled a team of machine learning, statistics, and medication adherence experts, and established AllazoHealth in 2011.

Enhancing patient support programs for pharmaceutical companies.

AllazoHealth is committed to enhancing patient support programs for pharmaceutical companies by utilizing their advanced AI engine to accurately predict patient non-adherence. By analyzing historical data and individual attributes, the engine can determine the most effective engagement strategy personalized by channel, content, and timing. The AI engine is continuously improving, resulting in increased persistence and better patient outcomes. Furthermore, the engine focuses on patients who are at risk of non-adherence and whose behavior can be positively influenced by interventions, leading to enhanced clinical outcomes and increased reimbursement from pay-for-performance contracts such as DIR. Pharmacies can benefit from the AI engine by improving their adherence programs and maintaining optimal performance to meet DIR contract requirements.

Enhancing patient engagement programs for payers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)

AllazoHealth’s AI technology is at the forefront of improving medication adherence and addressing gaps in care, which are crucial to enhancing healthcare quality measures such as SUPD/SPC and achieving high Star or HEDIS ratings. The impact of improving patient adherence is not only beneficial for payers and PBMs, but also has a significant effect on Medicaid quality measures. The AI engine is a powerful tool that is continuously learning from new data and becoming more intelligent over time. By targeting individual patients who are at risk for non-adherence and responsive to interventions, AllazoHealth’s AI engine is revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations engage with their patients, improving the efficiency of interventions, and freeing up resources to focus on the most promising patient interventions.

AllazoHealth harnesses the transformative power of cutting-edge machine learning and sophisticated behavioral science to bolster clinical outcomes and extract maximum value from investment programs for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies. By tapping into a vast and comprehensive dataset spanning more than 14 million patient records, encompassing claims data from payers, providers, and retail pharmacies, as well as patient interventions and social determinants of health, the AI engine is specifically engineered to forecast medication adherence. By analyzing multifarious data points, the AI engine can precisely forecast the probability of non-adherence and identify the most efficacious intervention strategies for individual patients based on their unique characteristics and past conduct. Through such means, the AI engine optimizes patient outcomes while curtailing costs and elevating the overall quality of healthcare delivery.

About the CEO

The CEO of AllazoHealth is Clifford Jones. He co-founded the company in 2011 with a mission to improve patient adherence and health outcomes through the use of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Prior to founding AllazoHealth, Clifford developed an award-winning medication adherence program that was used by over 14 million patients. He has a background in healthcare consulting and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. Clifford is passionate about improving patient outcomes and has led AllazoHealth to become a leader in precision engagement and predictive analytics in the healthcare industry.

“At AllazoHealth, our goal is to improve medication adherence, address gaps in care, and enhance quality outcomes for pharmaceutical companies, payers, and pharmacies. Through the use of advanced AI technology, we strive to revolutionize the way healthcare organizations engage with their patient populations and ultimately improve their overall health.”

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