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Science 37 is actualizing the potential of virtual clinical trials by facilitating patient-doctor connections through telemedicine consultations and streamlined logistics.

Numerous investigations, including research studies, surveys, focus groups, and individual dialogues, have consistently demonstrated that temporal and transportation factors constitute formidable obstacles to clinical trial participation. Patients, many of whom are afflicted by chronic or life-threatening illnesses, are encumbered by the need to travel for appointments and treatments, resulting in an impediment to their quality of life and a decrease in their willingness to participate. This, in turn, elevates the likelihood of attrition before the trial’s conclusion. Virtual trials were devised to address these concerns, and their technology enables primary investigators to conduct some or all visits via telemedicine and automatically gather patient data from connected devices and communication platforms, thereby streamlining patient participation. These models confer significant benefits to sponsors, who can achieve substantial time and cost savings by prioritizing patients’ needs and designing trials from their perspective.

Science 37 is transforming complex virtual trials into an achievable actuality. The company interacts with patients from the comfort of their own homes, opening doors to those who are not accessible through traditional site-based models. Their approach has demonstrated accelerated enrollment, increased patient retention rates, and enhanced diversity within the patient population. Science 37 has conducted a greater number of decentralized and interventional trials than any other company, utilizing a vast network of telemedicine investigators and home-health nurses in-house, bolstered by the most comprehensive and fully integrated decentralized clinical trial platform in the industry.

Science 37’s Exceptional Services

Virtual Trials:

Science 37 has a demonstrated record of accelerating patient enrollment, extending their participation, and accessing a more diverse and inclusive patient population via its distinctive virtual or decentralized trial model. From designing protocols to locking databases, Science 37 can help you optimize its model. Through the use of telemedicine investigators and a mobile nurse community, patient visits can be conducted in a cost-effective manner, and the whole process is expertly coordinated by the most sophisticated technology platform in the industry.

Science 37 Metasite:

The traditional site-based methodology for clinical research is restricted by its geographical limitations, only covering about 5% of the total patient population. By adding Science 37 as an extra site to your network, you can now gain access to the other 95% of the patient population while gathering identical study data in a more efficient and effective manner. This will also provide valuable insights into the virtual model for potential future developments and help to minimize the risk of unforeseen issues such as the current pandemic.

Science 37 Platform:

The platform is the key to Science 37’s unparalleled experience in orchestrating decentralized clinical trials. It provides an entirely customizable, end-to-end trial management system that has powered more decentralized trials than any other platform available. This system is offered as a standalone solution or combined with Science 37’s various suites of services.

Meet the leader behind the success of Science 37

David Coman is the CEO of Science 37, a company that specializes in decentralized clinical trials. He is a seasoned healthcare executive with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Science 37, Coman served as the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development at St. Joseph Health, a healthcare system based in California.

Coman has also held leadership roles at a number of other healthcare companies, including DaVita HealthCare Partners, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, and Health Net, where he was the Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy. He began his career in investment banking at Merrill Lynch.

Coman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Southern California and a Master of Business Administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

A”Our aim is to enhance the human touch in clinical research and increase its accessibility. Our wide range of services enables you to maintain flexibility across various therapeutic areas.”

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