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Enhancing Patient Experience with a Consolidated Healthcare Communication Hub – The WELL Approach

Despite the ubiquitous use of “patient-centric” as a buzzword in the healthcare industry, it has been proven to yield favorable results. Traditionally, this approach refers to the interactions between patients, physicians, and the care team. However, there are ample opportunities to reinforce this methodology, and communication solutions are one such chance.

Regrettably, most communication solutions still prioritize providers’ workflow, and patients are often an afterthought, with conversations being categorized by individual, care team, or hospital group. A change is long overdue.

Enter WELL, the most trustworthy patient communication platform in healthcare, enabling bidirectional conversations between providers and patients through various channels like texting, email, telephone, and live chat. Serving prominent health systems in numerous countries, WELL caters to over 31 million patients.

Established in 2015 in Santa Barbara, California, WELL has received the highest ratings for patient outreach on KLAS as of May 22, 2020, and consistently ranks as the top-rated patient engagement software on G2 and Capterra.

WELL seamlessly integrates with existing clinical and administrative systems to enhance the adoption of patient portals, payment platforms, and other essential features. Additionally, WELL delivers crucial patient communications that drive health outcomes, including patient outreach, care management program enrollment, appointment reminders, post-discharge management, referrals, and health risk assessment delivery.

Workflow Customization:

With WELL, you have the ability to design bespoke conversational messaging workflows either from the ground up or by using the platform’s ever-growing library of customizable messaging workflows.

Streamlined Communication:

WELL facilitates the routing of communications from various sources through a unified channel to ensure consistency, build trust, and foster transparency throughout the organization

WELL’s Advantages:


WELL leads the healthcare technology industry in security, as evidenced by its HITRUST CSF certification and Veracode verification.


 Built for enterprise use, WELL’s architecture can easily scale to accommodate increased demand.


In real-time, WELL integrates with your EHR through APIs such as FHIR and HL7, as well as with leading HIT vendors through the firm’s flexible APIs.

Top-Notch Solutions:

Care Management:

 WELL enables important patient communications that drive health outcomes, such as patient outreach, care management program enrollment, appointment reminders, post-discharge management, referrals, and health risk assessment delivery.

Workflow Customization:

Whether you want to create customized messaging workflows from scratch or choose from the platform’s ever-expanding library of customizable options, WELL allows for maximum flexibility.

Streamlined Communication:

Using a single channel to route communications from various sources ensures consistency, transparency, and trust throughout the organization.

WELL Analytics:

WELL Analytics draws data from multiple sources and exports it to existing data warehouses. It also generates customizable reports for multiple stakeholders, allowing each one to measure, monitor, and alert on relevant metrics.


Automating repetitive messaging frees up staff to focus on complex patient interactions, resulting in consistent, high-quality interactions for patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Payment Notification:

Patients receive text messages from your recognizable office number with a link to a secure payment portal, informing them of available bills to view.

Referral Authorization:

WELL’s rules engine automates continued outreach for authorized referrals, with two-way texting allowing patients to respond and escalating to a live agent for scheduling, thereby reducing costly referral leakage.

Patient Surveys & Reviews:

Automating patient surveys and directing satisfied patients to leave an online review can significantly improve patient satisfaction and online reviews.

Pre-Appointment Instructions:

WELL sends pre-appointment instructions to ensure patients are prepared for their appointments.

Appointment Reminders:

Customized cadences of appointment reminders reduce no-shows, ensuring that patients show up for their appointments or provide ample notice of cancellations for improved slot utilization.

In WELL’s own words, the WELL Health Partnership Program is a collaborative initiative with other healthcare IT companies, designed to provide ease of integration with WELL’s robust communication platform. By offering various integration options, such as APIs, White Label, and OEM, WELL works closely with partners to develop new functionality, believing in shared success. With WELL’s industry-leading infrastructure, omni-channel communication options, end-user platform, and EMR connectors, partners can piggyback on these capabilities to enhance patient engagement and communication. By integrating with WELL, partners can add a patient communication layer to their products, allowing their customers to leverage valuable clinical and administrative information, and deliver information to patients through multiple channels, including text, phone, email, and live-chat.


Once integrated, your content is automatically routed through our fault-tolerant telco stack with retry capabilities, protected by our HITRUST-grade infrastructure with encryption, and delivered to patients in your desired mode of communication from a unified number. It is also logged for health systems in the WELL interface, which is staffed by live agents for service recovery.

Use Cases:

WELL enables delightful patient experiences such as gift cards for late appointments, insurance card processing and eligibility status, on-time ride scheduling, portal enrollment with unique token delivery, after-care summaries and treatment instructions, and automated statement delivery, claims status, and payment requests. There are thousands of additional use cases available.


Guillaume de Zwirek is the CEO and founder of WELL, a leading patient communication platform in the healthcare industry. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technology sector, having founded and led several successful companies. Prior to founding WELL in 2015, he co-founded and served as CEO of ClearCare, a technology-enabled home care platform. Under his leadership, ClearCare grew rapidly and became a market leader in the home care industry, serving over 200,000 patients and employing over 100,000 caregivers.

De Zwirek has also been recognized for his entrepreneurial achievements, receiving numerous awards and accolades, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Northern California in 2014. As the CEO of WELL, he is responsible for the company’s overall strategy and direction, as well as leading a team of dedicated professionals to drive innovation and growth in the patient communication space.

“We’re committed to delivering the best possible experience for both patients and providers, and we’re constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.”

“We believe that technology can be a powerful tool for improving healthcare, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of this digital transformation.”

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