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The incorporation of AI, machine learning, and copious amounts of data has swiftly become an essential facet of our daily lives. No longer a futuristic concept, but an actuality of our times. Despite conflicting sentiments among individuals towards AI, its potential for us cannot be denied, especially from an economic perspective, drawing the attention of both private conglomerates and government establishments. Basis Technology is committed to constructing dependable AI solutions that analyze text, interconnect data silos, and unearth digital evidence, all in the pursuit of creating a more secure and productive world. For over two decades, Basis Technology has provided analytical tools that enable businesses and governments to tackle some of their most arduous challenges, such as identity verification, comprehension of consumer behavior, anticipation of global events, and exposure of criminal activities.

Basis Technology is committed to developing AI solutions that have been substantiated to generate a safer and more efficient world. These solutions are purposefully crafted to scrutinize text, interlink data silos, and unveil digital evidence. With a profound emphasis on identity verification, comprehension of customer behavior, anticipation of global occurrences, and revelation of criminal activities, Basis Technology has furnished analytical tools to businesses and governments for more than twenty years, enabling them to surmount some of their most arduous hurdles.

Assisting Clients in Overcoming the Most Challenging Issues

Rosette text analytics employs a combination of conventional machine learning techniques and advanced deep neural networks to extract valuable insights from unstructured data.

Autopsy is an open-source digital forensics tool that runs on Windows desktops and offers all the features typically found in commercial digital forensics tools. It is highly flexible, with features like keyword search, hash matching, registry analysis, web analytics, and more. Basis Technology provides training, commercial support, and additional modules to further enhance its capabilities.

Cyber Triage is an incident response software that streamlines the collection and analysis of endpoint data, enabling first responders to quickly identify any potential compromise and make informed decisions to prioritize systems.

KonaSearch is a cutting-edge natural language search and matching application powered by AI that searches every field, object, and file in Salesforce, as well as other data sources like SharePoint and databases, all from a single index. It also searches through object relationships and across Salesforce organizations for seamless data retrieval.

For over two decades, Basis Technology has been at the forefront of multilingual text analytics for intelligence and border security communities. With a focus on government agencies and system integrators, they have consistently delivered solutions that work within existing infrastructures.

Identity Intelligence plays a critical role in the government space, and Basis Technology is a specialist in managing the complexities of name analytics, including misspellings, aliases, nicknames, initials, and non-Latin scripts. They are the top choice for several U.S. government agencies when it comes to name analytics.

Foreign Text Exploitation is an essential area that provides agents access to vast open-source data lakes for informed decision-making. Basis Technology offers solutions for social data exploitation, anticipatory intelligence, combating disinformation, and OSINT analysis.

Watchlisting for Secure Borders is paramount, as a single missed match can put citizens at risk. Basis Technology provides the most advanced watchlisting tools, minimizing false negatives and positives and increasing the ability of analysts and security personnel to quickly access the most critical data.

For agencies and labs that require customized digital forensics solutions beyond off-the-shelf tools, Basis Technology can build a system that meets their specific needs. They continuously evolve their digital forensics software frameworks and leverage the expertise of their digital forensics examiners to quickly adapt and build scalable software solutions to address today’s evolving digital forensics landscape.

Utilizing Text Analytics in Government, Intelligence, and Border Security Operations

Basis Technology:

The Premier Provider of Multilingual Text Analytics for Government, Intelligence, and Border Security Communities for Over Two Decades

In the government space, Identity Intelligence is paramount, and names are critical data points. Unfortunately, misspellings, aliases, nicknames, initials, and non-Latin scripts can make matching names and connecting entities a daunting task. However, Basis Technology, with its extensive experience in managing the complexities of name analytics, is the preferred choice of multiple U.S. government agencies.

Foreign Text Exploitation is a critical component of effectively utilizing open-source data. Limitations in language or script can prevent agents from accessing the entire global picture, impairing their ability to make informed decisions. Basis Technology offers solutions for social data exploitation, anticipatory intelligence, combatting disinformation, and OSINT analysis.

Watchlisting for Secure Borders is an area where even a single missed match against a watchlist can put citizens at risk. Thus, border security agents require watchlisting tools that minimize false positives and negatives, enabling analysts and security personnel to quickly identify the most critical data and make informed decisions.

Basis Technology’s Custom Solutions for Digital Forensics addresses the unique requirements of agencies and labs that off-the-shelf digital forensics tools cannot meet. With its engineers’ expertise, who continuously evolve their software frameworks, Basis Technology can build scalable and extensible software solutions for the ever-changing digital forensics landscape and customers.

Meet Carl W. Hoffman, CEO, and Co-Founder

Carl W. Hoffman, a technology industry expert, established Basis Technology in 1995 with the goal of aiding American businesses in penetrating Asian markets. Since then, the company has grown into a top provider of information retrieval, entity extraction, and entity resolution components in numerous languages. With a career spanning over 25 years, Carl previously served as a software developer for Lotus Development and Symantec, and has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Boston University and a Master’s degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts. As a board member for the Association for Computational Linguistics and the International Association for Machine Translation, he continues to contribute his expertise to the field. Carl has also worked with the U.S. intelligence community to support national security missions in conjunction with the company’s operations.

“Our organization is at the cutting edge of applied natural language processing, employing a blend of statistical modeling, expert rules, and data derived from corpora.”

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