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Delivering Enterprise Mobile Solutions That Surpass User Expectations

Crafting an effective strategy for enterprise mobile services can be a daunting task, fraught with numerous obstacles that can impede an organization’s ability to take advantage of new mobile technologies and mitigate risks. To successfully navigate this complex landscape, it is crucial to partner with a seasoned expert who can provide the necessary guidance and expertise. Enter Stratix Corporation, a trailblazer in the field of mobile technology and managed mobility services.

Founded in 1983 as a supply chain consultancy, Stratix was ahead of its time in recognizing the transformative power of mobile technology. As the largest reseller of purpose-built mobile devices, the company quickly pivoted to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients, adding high-value enterprise managed mobility services and expanding its capabilities through key partnerships. 

Today, Stratix stands as the leading provider of managed mobile services in the United States, serving top Fortune 500 brands and earning the trust of clients through its unwavering commitment to innovation, exceptional service, and exceeding expectations. With over 35 years of experience, Stratix is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of enterprise mobile services and unlock the full potential of mobile technology to drive business growth and success.

Pure-play managed mobility services

Stratix’s IT Professional Services prioritize delivering desired outcomes by offering customized mobility programs that cater to your specific requirements. The process begins by identifying your user community using personas, acknowledging that various support programs are necessary for different end-users. From there, Stratix designs a mobility blueprint plan that is precisely tailored to meet your needs while focusing on providing cutting-edge mobility programs. The company collaborates closely with leading OEM partners to ensure that the recommended solution is fully aligned with your requirements.

Custom Designed Products :

 In order to design products that cater to the specific needs of your business, Stratix first takes the time to understand your requirements. This involves observing your employees in their work environment, conducting surveys to assess the surroundings, and identifying the most critical mobility issues. Stratix’s Specialty Products Group then creates custom-made peripherals that are designed to tackle these challenges, while also taking into account your unique visual design specifications that cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf mobile products. All custom products and accessories are developed in-house, starting from the drafting and prototyping stage, through to engineering, with a focus on achieving efficiency and cost-effectiveness, in order to facilitate simple deployment.

itrac360, Stratix’s mobile asset management solution, offers a comprehensive view of all mobile assets, pulling information from multiple systems for complete visibility. From procurement and provisioning to repair, technical support, and decommissioning, itrac360 provides a cradle-to-grave view of every device. With its built-in analytics, clients get maximum return on their mobile investments.

Mobile Device Management:

Stratix’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) team provides customized support for your mobile device environment based on your specific needs. They handle tasks such as upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting so that your IT staff can concentrate on innovative and growth-oriented activities. Beginning with a thorough assessment of your existing environment and software functionality, the team works to enhance security and implement best practices to optimize your current MDM/EMM platform or assist with migrating to a new one.

Mobile Project Management:

The Projects teams at Stratix have an extensive understanding of the mobile technology landscape and can match your business objectives with the most suitable options available. With their expertise, they can guide you throughout the entire implementation process to ensure successful project completion. Stratix is highly focused on success metrics, including timely delivery, quality, and staying within budget.

Superior Mobile Development:

Your organization invests in mobile programs to enhance employee productivity and provide superior customer experiences. Any delay or misconfiguration of devices can negatively impact productivity, satisfaction, and usage. You can trust Stratix to handle your mobile deployment, as it offers a stress-free mobile program that caters to every employee’s needs.

Stratix has established the industry’s most advanced Mobile Integration Center, which operates at high speed to stage and deploy your mobile technology, software, and accessories at scale, on time, and on budget. With its automated, proprietary staging tools, Stratix can replicate your mobile environment in real-time, ensuring rapid and accurate execution when every second counts.

Superior End-User Support:

 Stratix recognizes the pivotal role that mobile devices play in facilitating the day-to-day operations of your business, and this is why it is committed to providing unparalleled support services. Its dedicated support team is available round-the-clock, seven days a week, all year round, to promptly address any user issues and ensure that your devices are always up and running. Whether the problem pertains to hardware or software, Stratix’s highly-skilled personnel at the mobile help desk can efficiently and effectively resolve it. This white-glove service is why the Stratix Mobile Operations Center has consistently been rated the highest in customer satisfaction within the industry, and why it is the top choice for numerous leading companies. So entrust your managed mobility needs to Stratix and concentrate on enhancing, optimizing, and expanding your business.

Meet Louis M. Alterman

Louis Alterman is the CEO of Stratix, he has decades of experience in executive roles with global technology service companies, including serving as CFO for both Rackspace and EarthLink. He has also served on multiple corporate boards and is currently on the board of Diversified, a global technology solutions provider, and the advisory council of the Ron Clark Academy, an innovative educational institution. Louis has been recognized for his leadership and contributions to the industry, including being named as a Finvest Global 50 Leader and being selected to Institutional Investor’s All-America Executive team.

“We manage all aspects of our clients’ mobile device ecosystem onshore, offering them customized support programs with live visibility.”

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