Google Shifts Financial Software from Oracle to SAP to Diversify Dependability

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is planning to discontinue the use of Oracle financial software and instead adopt SAP. In May of this year, Alphabet and Google’s core financial systems will transition to SAP. It is important to note that this is a partial migration, as Google will only be shifting the financial tracking software to SAP. This shift is indicative of Google’s desire to diversify its reliance on Oracle, which is similar to the strategy adopted by Amazon when it shifted to AWS.

Oracle and Google are competitors in the market for selling public cloud resources for hosting applications. While there has been a legal dispute between the two companies over the licensing of Android Software, it appears that this decision is not related to the recent court battle.

Apart from the decade-long legal battle over Java APIs, Google and Oracle are still competitive in other areas. Both companies are seeking to expand their cloud customer base. Oracle has long been unwilling to certify its database software for use on Google Cloud, which prevented users from hosting Oracle databases on the cloud. In response, Google launched bare metal instances for the Oracle database last year.

According to a statement from Google spokesperson José Castañeda, “Google Cloud actively enables Oracle’s customers to run their Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud through our Bare Metal Solution. But that’s entirely separate from our decision as an enterprise customer of financial software to transition our financial systems from Oracle to SAP.”

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