Seagate’s Lyve Cloud: An STaaS Offering for Enterprises Seeking Flexible Data Management and Storage Capacity Expansion

As digitization, edge devices, and IoT continue to consume storage space both on-premises and in the cloud, enterprise storage vendors are turning to extensible cloud services to manage data growth and enable users to expand capacity as needed.

One such service is Lyve Cloud, a Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering from Seagate Technology that was launched earlier this year. Lyve Cloud is designed for companies seeking to expand their storage capacity with cloud services while also balancing their ideal data management software and other services.

According to Jeff Fochtman, Senior Vice President of Business and Marketing at Seagate, “We believe that storage, compute, and networking should be separated. It gives you the most flexibility on your technology bill going forward. Lyve is designed to be storage only. We expect you have an existing software infrastructure, and our hardware can plug right into that.”

However, for Seagate to deliver a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) experience that enterprises expect, the company will need to continue expanding its portfolio of software and services under the Lyve umbrella, according to analyst Mike Smith.

While STaaS is not the only option for managing data growth, it can be an alternative to a company’s storage plan. Currently, firms prefer capacity on an Opex (operational expense) basis rather than investing in extra hardware that may not be effectively used.

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