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Google Maps Expands Eco-Friendly Routing Options in 40 European Countries

Google has recently announced its plans to expand eco-friendly routing options on Google Maps in 40 more European countries. This move is aimed at promoting fuel-efficient routes instead of the quickest ones, a feature that was initially launched for U.S.-based users last year. Users can identify eco-friendly routes by a leaf label.

To access the eco-friendly routing option, users can access their profile picture on Google Maps and then head to Settings > Navigation Settings. They can then tap on Route Options and choose the “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” option to turn on or off the feature. Google is also launching a new feature that allows car owners to select their engine type for personalized suggestions on fuel-efficient routes best suited for their vehicle.

Google has developed advanced machine learning models based on insights from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and data from the European Environment Agency. By incorporating driving trends from Google Maps, the company has been able to develop models that are trained on the most popular engine types in a particular region. According to Google, the introduction of eco-friendly routes in the U.S. and Canada has saved carbon emissions equivalent to 100,000 cars.

Google has been making efforts to promote eco-friendly navigation options through the introduction of new features in Google Maps. The company initially launched EV charging station information on the app in 2018, and it rolled out features for bike navigation in July, providing details such as the level of car traffic and types of roads along the route.

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