KHS People LLC: Your People. Our People; The Sought-After Legal Marketing Firm Solution

KHS People LLC specializes in recruiting marketing and business development professionals for law firms, It is known for excellent client service, reliability, and fostering long-lasting cultural fits. They hold a vast network in legal marketing and provide comprehensive guidance to both firms and candidates, adhering to a professional, ethical, and friendly approach under the motto “Your People. Our People.”

Join us for an insightful discussion with the Principal of KHS People LLC, Kate Harry Shipham.

1.Over the years, KHS People LLC has gained the trust as a leading executive search firm for business development & marketing professionals for law firms. How will you describe the company’s journey towards excellence? 

KHS People has singularly focused on becoming the go-to executive search firm for business development and marketing professionals within the legal sector. Our deep subject matter expertise and commitment to personalized service have set us apart.
We’ve honed our approach to efficiently identify and assess candidates, achieving a noteworthy 98% fill rate for over 250 roles.

Our strategy combines data-driven techniques and a transparent fixed fee structure with personalized services, ensuring we meet both the explicit and subtle requirements of our clients.
Our ongoing success is fueled by innovation, technology use, and best practices, keeping us ahead in meeting the evolving needs of law firms. We’re committed to continuous improvement, aiming to exceed client expectations and establish successful, lasting partnerships.

2.How do you best explain the motto of your firm: Your People. Our People. 

“Your People. Our People.” reflects KHS People’s commitment to integrating with law firm cultures, ensuring recruits fit technically and culturally.

“Our People” refers to our network of vetted marketing and business development professionals, matching the legal industry’s standards. “Your People. Our People.” emphasizes a seamless fit within teams, enhancing success and growth.

We use a unique framework, industry insight, and a deep network for placements that contribute to a firm’s success and strategic goals. This motto represents our dedication to connecting industry leaders and fostering lasting relationships.

3.Can you shed light on the 5-point framework followed in your firm to provide ultimate efficiency and required output. 

1. Subject Matter Expertise:

Specializing in marketing and business development recruitment for law firms, we leverage our niche expertise to precisely match exceptional candidates with firms’ specific needs.

2. Proven Recruitment Framework:

Our detailed methodology ensures only the most qualified candidates in legal marketing and business development are presented, through a process of exhaustive sourcing, interviewing, and assessing.

3. Quick Turnaround

Our recruitment process is streamlined for speed and efficiency, ensuring rapid placement without sacrificing quality, meeting our clients’ urgent needs.

4. Data-Driven Insights:

We employ a data-centric approach, utilizing industry research and regular progress reports to inform recruitment strategies and client decisions.

5. Fixed Fee Structure

Our transparent and predictable fixed fee pricing model allows clients to accurately budget for recruitment costs, fostering trust and financial clarity.

Integrating these principles with professionalism and an extensive network, KHS People sets the standard in legal marketing and business development recruitment, fostering long-term client success and satisfaction.

4. How crucial is it for your company to develop an intricate network in the legal marketing field?

At KHS People, our success is built on a wide-reaching network in legal marketing, specifically tailored for marketing and business development professionals in law firms. This specialization ensures clients have access to top marketing talent in the legal field.

Our team’s unique blend of industry experience, including backgrounds as attorneys, brings credibility and insights to our recruitment process, ensuring a perfect match between firms and candidates.

Our dedication to a robust network allows us to provide quick, customized, data-informed services. This extensive network is more than a list—it’s a vibrant community supporting our business and setting us apart in legal marketing recruitment.

5.What distinguishes KHS People’s service level in the executive search industry? 

KHS People stands out as an executive search firm committed to matching top candidates with our clients’ leadership needs, providing a superior level of service through a specialized network.

Our ethos is based on equal treatment for all parties, with a foundation of fairness, communication, transparency, respect, and professionalism. This approach is essential for successful recruitment, valuing clients and candidates alike.

We differentiate ourselves by offering exceptional care in our commercial agreements, prioritizing value over commission. This commitment ensures our clients can secure A++ talent, marking the cornerstone of our firm’s value proposition.

6. It could be noticed that your company is going through a rebranding phase. What are the goals for the company in the near future? 

KHS People’s strategic rebranding aims to solidify our leading position in executive search for legal sector marketing and business development roles. Our future goals include:

Enhancing Digital Presence: We’re upgrading our technology for a better website and user experience, ensuring easy access and streamlined services for our clients and candidates.

Expanding Our Services: Always focused on matching top talent with law firms, we’re also adapting and expanding our services based on client feedback to maintain our industry leadership.

Deepening Client Relationships: Leveraging our network and knowledge, we’re offering customized support through transparent fees and exclusive agreements, aiming for stronger, value-driven partnerships.

Sustaining High Performance: We remain committed to a 98% fill rate, ensuring quality placements that benefit both firms and candidates.

Thought Leadership: Our ongoing research, including annual reports, offers valuable insights on industry trends and compensation, supporting informed decision-making in legal marketing.

KHS People is excited about these enhancements, viewing our rebranding as a deeper commitment to our clients and the legal industry.

7. While focusing on professionalism, your company emphasizes prioritizing personalized client friendly services. How do you strike a balance between the two? 

Deep Industry Knowledge: We focus on recruiting for law firms, ensuring precise matches that meet professional standards and individual aspirations.

Open and Honest Communication: Our commitment to clear, continuous dialogue with clients facilitates trust and a collaborative recruitment process.

Client and Candidate Advocacy: With a vast network and market insights, we advocate for fair and advantageous outcomes, supporting long-term partnerships.

8. Elaborate on how In-depth research in industrial data has been a strong asset for your company. 

At KHS People, advanced research in industrial data elevates our recruitment services for professionals in legal marketing and business development. Our deep dive into industry data sharpens our strategies, improving our search precision and client advice.

Our proprietary research illuminates trends within the legal marketing sector. Our annual report, “For the Law Firm Chief Marketing Officer: Curated Salary Data & Intelligence,” offers crucial insights into compensation and employment trends, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

Weekly reports provide timely insights during client searches, offering strategic guidance. This approach highlights our leadership in the recruitment sector and enhances service outcomes.

9. Could you give us an idea of how your clients feel about your aspirational leadership, which has guided KHS People toward noteworthy success?

“Working with Kate was a seamless process. She spent time learning about our firm’s culture, our team dynamics, and our needs—both the ones defined in the job description, and the unwritten needs and hopes we had for the role. Kate was honest with us about how our open role would compete in light of others in the marketplace, and she helped us understand the level and sophistication we could expect from candidates.

She managed every twist and turn in the process effortlessly and kept us updated at every turn. I cannot imagine recruiting for a role without Kate’s help in the future—it’s a great experience that I hope everyone has the chance to have.” –CMO of Am Law 100 firm

“It’s an understatement to say that my career would be in a totally different place if not for my good fortune of working with KHS People. Kate is the best recruiter I’ve ever met in the legal marketing/BD space, and she is also the best candidate advocate I’ve ever worked with. She doesn’t just make her clients feel like she cares about them and their career journeys, she actually does care. Her sophisticated and current view of industry trends is a huge asset to her candidate clients as she helps find them not only the best roles, but also the best compensation for those roles and fair expectations for how the interview process will play out.

Kate is exceptionally honest, responsive and easy to communicate with. Unlike many recruiters, who treat their candidate clients as currency and discard them when an opportunity doesn’t pan out, Kate makes it clear that she is your advocate and representation for as long as you’d like, even after a role is secured as an ongoing consultant on all things career development.

Kate is not just another placement agency; it is a service unto itself — and one that any client, whether from the employer or employee side, would be lucky to collaborate with in finding their perfect match.” – Placed Candidate at an Am Law 100 firm

Company Name: KHS People LLC
Principal: Kate Harry Shipham

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Company Name: KHS People LLC
Principal: Kate Harry Shipham

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