Emagia: A Cutting-Edge Autonomous Order-to-Cash System for International Companies

Emagia, a leading solutions provider based in Santa Clara, California, offers enterprise-class digital order-to-cash platforms. Its AI-powered Receivables Management Suite includes credit, collections, deductions management, and a customer financial portal. Emagia is revolutionizing the finance industry with its advanced digital financial assistant, GiaGPT, by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Innovation-Driven Revolution: GiaGPT

Similar to the renowned ChatGPT but tailored for credit and finance, GiaGPT operates on a closed-cloud system, relying solely on user-selected information. Users can swiftly upload documents and spreadsheets to query with natural language, such as identifying their top five debtors or the most recent payers. The accuracy of results directly correlates with the quality of your data, avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation commonly found on the internet. Essentially, the effectiveness of the output is contingent upon the quality of the input data. This closed-cloud platform mitigates concerns about inaccurate information, provided your customer records are meticulously maintained.

Furthermore, GiaGPT dramatically accelerates access to financial data, delivering information in minutes—far quicker than traditional report analysis. It enables financial leaders to reallocate hours weekly to more impactful activities, potentially reducing work weeks by hours, not minutes. GiaGPT can also create bar and pie charts for reports within seconds upon a natural language prompt, which is incredibly convenient for crafting illustrations or illuminating a point quickly in an email to colleagues or superiors.

Gia Copilot as a Digital Finance Assistant


          • Understands and communicates in natural language in both voice and chat and on any device such as mobile, desktop, or tablet.
          • Functions as a cognitive machine that continuously learns the context, performs administrative tasks, finds relevant information, and predicts outcomes.
          • Learns new skills every nanosecond and is a few hundred times more productive than an average human employee.


Gia can communicate both by chat and voice and comes with specific skill sets to assist in different roles in the following groups:

          • CFOs & Finance Executives: Provides quick answers and smart predictions related to financial information. Can retrieve or send information from systems such as Emagia, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Teradata, Solix, and others.
          • Finance Operations and Shared Services Staff: Provides quick information and performs repetitive tasks specific to each function. For example, assisting credit staff with business license validations, billing staff with invoicing customers, collections staff with sending letters, and treasury staff with checking daily balances.
          • Vendors, Suppliers, Customers, and Sales Teams: Provides conversational capabilities to assist customers, vendors, and internal operational teams with information and forms processing for credit applications, order forms, payments, or receipts. Gia is a continuous learning machine and can be trained with new job skills to support many finance operations such as procure-to-pay, record-to-report, treasury, and tax and audit.


Specific Advantages Offered By Emagia

Recent “Quadrant” studies about the invoice-to-cash (I2C) space by research firms Gartner and ISG note Emagia’s track record of spending much more (as a relative percentage of revenue) on research and development than its competitors. This means Emagia is constantly innovating and trying to unearth new best practices. Emagia also embeds more autonomous finance and AI-based technologies across its entire fleet of products, which a quick scan of others in the I2C/O2C software space will show is a rarity. Additionally, as a private company free of shareholder-related red tape and corporate redundancy, Emagia is able to move with speed and flexibility to react, as often as possible or prudent, to facilitate exactly what the customer wants. Some publicly traded companies do not have that sort of nimbleness. Consider the adage of trying to turn a speedboat quickly versus trying to turn a cruise ship quickly.

Setting the Standard for Order-to-Cash Procedures

Emagia’s platforms are designed to integrate with most ERP systems, including some more antiquated ones used in companies in the logistics industry, for example. AI helps with data extraction and keeping messaging consistent, making sure communication is more streamlined and, as mentioned earlier, that a 360-degree view of receivables is more possible than ever before (and certainly more so than if heavily relying on manual, human-based processes for things like payments, invoicing, and credit reviews).

The Next-Gen Intelligent Enterprise Receivables Management System from Emagia: Key Features and Advantages

Emagia’s Enterprise Receivables Management System provides a unified platform for seamlessly managing all Order-to-Cash (O2C) processes. It combines strong credit and collections policy management with order-to-cash process automation. This accelerates revenue cycles and decreases credit risk to maximize corporate value. Designed for high-volume global operations, Emagia solutions are used by many credit, collections, and cash application departments as well as finance-shared service centers.

Emagia’s Enterprise Receivables Management System:

          • Transforms, streamlines, and automates global receivables management.
          • Reduces days sales outstanding and improves cash flow.
          • Leverages predictive analytics to maximize collections and minimize risk.
          • Transforms F&A shared services to GBS with data-driven insights.
          • Reduces operational costs by more than 50% while improving DSO by 25%.


Notable Clients Deserving Honorable Mention

A few of Emagia’s happiest customers include Convatec, Xylem and Seko. In recent months, they’ve brought on companies like Brother, WNS, and The Honest Co. They’ve also helped organizations like the American Heart Association, Meredith, and Unisys.

Secret Behind The Sustained Success

Veena Gundavelli, the CEO, is driven by a desire for continuous innovation and improvement, especially in the area of efficiency. She and other company leaders have ensured that when hires are made, they come with extensive credentials.

Veena Gundavelli, the CEO of Emagia, outlined the company’s vision as follows:

“We are honored by the recent recognition we’ve received in the industry for our bold vision, our continued AI innovations, and our rapid growth in customers and partners, which demonstrates the momentum of the company.

Emagia’s cutting-edge, AI-powered innovations are driven by the desire to create an exponential impact in the world of finance, to increase operational efficiency, to amplify human workforce potential, and to boost strategic value to businesses. And we will remain hyper-focused on our commitment to empowering our customers with the tools they need to thrive in the age of AI and autonomous finance.”

Company name: Emagia corporation
Founder & CEO: veena gundavelli
Website: www.emagia.com
Email: emagiainfo@emagia.com

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Company name: Emagia corporation
Founder & CEO: veena gundavelli
Website: www.emagia.com
Email: emagiainfo@emagia.com

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