Appvia Wayfinder Presents Autonomous Cloud Infrastructure Management Solution

Appvia is introducing Appvia Wayfinder, a solution that aims to enable application and platform teams to improve business efficiency.

According to the vendor, Appvia Wayfinder offers self-service infrastructure and cloud resources to application teams, centralized control to platform teams, and ultimately, increased developer productivity for businesses.

Appvia Wayfinder simplifies and commoditizes the cloud for developers, enabling them to avoid the complexities and ticketing systems that can slow them down, while still giving platform teams control. It also enables application teams to self-provision resources.

With its innovative features, Appvia Wayfinder enables developers to focus on creating business value, rather than being bogged down by infrastructure and cloud resources, according to the company.

One of Appvia Wayfinder’s standout features is “automated workload isolation,” which enhances its security. This functionality separates the workloads of different teams and projects from each other and controls access to specific data and applications through “role-based access control” (RBAC).

According to Jon Shanks, CEO of Appvia, “Technology infrastructure is not getting any simpler. It’s getting more complex every day, and this is where Appvia Wayfinder comes in. Our solution is designed to simplify cloud infrastructure while providing the necessary control and adherence to best practices. With Appvia Wayfinder, developers can focus on creating business value without being bogged down by infrastructure complexities.”

The platform also makes it easy for users to create their own environments, clusters, applications, and components. They can choose from a pre-defined list of “Terraform modules” that are managed by the platform team. Additionally, users can generate their own access tokens to integrate with other software tools and create temporary clusters and test environments.

Overall, the platform is a cloud-native solution that offers organizations a simplified approach to cloud infrastructure and resources.

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