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The Power of Performance: A Deep Dive into WiT Group's Digital Marketing Excellence

WiT Group is a performance-based digital marketing agency headquartered in Charlotte NC. As a results-driven agency, it works with clients nationwide, helping them achieve their business objectives through a broad range of marketing services and inbound demand generation efforts. Uniquely, they do this on a commission basis which is turning heads and leading to partnership with well known brands, eCommerce companies, and businesses who appreciate the shared accountability when it comes to results.

The success of WiT Group is closely tied to its performance and results which directly impact company revenue. Higher performance leads to higher commissions and faster revenue growth for WiT Group. Conversely, lackluster performance results in floundering profits and stagnation. Performance is woven into every aspect of its processes, with over 80% of WiT Group’s revenue linked to the outcomes they deliver.

Achievements of WiT Group

WiT Group takes a holistic approach to advertising, offering a broad range of services to its clients. While digital advertising on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Meta is a cornerstone of its services, WiT Group also provides support in content development, website building, system integration, and accurate reporting. With sister companies such as Swith Consulting, Witcraft Studio, and Swith Virtual Solutions, WiT Group is able to offer unique solutions to its clients, distinguishing itself from the typical marketing agency.

WiT Group is primarily focused on lead generation but also excels in website management, email campaigns, marketing automation, and working with sales teams. Its diverse range of services is unified by the common goal of driving results and growth for its clients.

WiT Group’s Traditional and Digital Media Platforms

WiT Group is fortunate to have highly talented digital marketers on its team, including Aidan Eaton, its Creative Director, and Dave Teller, its Director of Digital. With extensive experience in traditional, branding, and content marketing acquired from past positions, agency collaborations, and education, they lead different aspects of the business. This leadership is essential to WiT Group’s success as an agile digital marketing agency that needs to stay at the forefront of the latest trends in marketing. WiT Group is dedicated to ensuring its clients’ success and growth.

Additionally, WiT Group partners with other talented agencies for specialized services like branding, videography, and marketing research, ensuring clients have access to the best-in-class solutions.

The Role of WiT Group in Marketing Agency with Clients

Clients nationwide seek out WiT Group primarily to enhance the performance of their advertising platforms. In most cases, WiT Group’s focus with larger national companies revolves around elevating efficiency, tracking, and return on investment for advertising campaigns that are already established. As go-to diagnosticians, WiT Group expertly diagnoses campaign problems, makes improvements and optimizations, and focuses on improving return on ad spend (ROAS). This often leads to additional work such as graphic design, videography, and market research.

As a results-driven marketing agency, WiT Group’s primary objective is to deliver measurable and predictable outcomes for its clients. Successful outcomes pave the way for the growth of its relationships.

“As a performance-based agency, WiT Group focuses on making incremental adjustments and optimizations to guarantee clients’ success, maximizing their return on investment in every facet of their work.”

Supports Provided by WiT Group to Its Clients

WiT Group’s success hinges on meticulous attention to detail in handling advertising campaigns. The agency scrutinizes conversion rates, fine-tunes automation, integrates systems, streamlines the sales process, and provides strong support for sales efforts for its clients. Whether WiT Group’s clients employ a traditional B2B sales cycle or seek to bolster e-commerce, their mission is to drive interested parties to their clients’ websites. For e-commerce, they gather data to inform ongoing machine learning in ad campaigns. Continually optimizing accounts and campaigns for enhanced performance, they focus on aligning marketing and sales efforts for better results.

WiT Group’s monthly review of reports using data shapes optimizations for the following month. Operating on a commission-based model, its motivation is to make campaigns more efficient over time. This contrasts with traditional models where compensation is tied to spending rather than performance. As a performance-based agency, WiT Group focuses on making incremental adjustments and optimizations to guarantee clients’ success, maximizing their return on investment in every facet of their work.

The Three Categories of Services Offered by WiT Group

WiT Group has divided its agency into three distinct areas of service, represented by its tagline: creative, marketing, and strategy.

In the creative realm, WiT Group channels its efforts into ad designs, compelling ad messaging, inventive go-to-market strategies, and creative positioning to captivate and engage its clients’ target audience. In the marketing area of WiT Group’s business, its focus is on advertising, search engine marketing, customer experience, and lead generation. However, the uniqueness of WiT Group’s approach lies in the strategy segment. Here, WiT Group concentrates on management consulting, systems integrations, data analytics, back-office systems, operations, and business intelligence. Going beyond the norm of traditional marketing agencies, WiT Group forges lasting partnerships with its clients, ensuring they have everything necessary for optimal success and growth. When WiT Group’s strategic business services enhance its clients’ operational efficiency and sales success, their marketing efforts are that much more effective.

WiT Group’s Marketing Agency Services

WiT Group helps its clients achieve a wide range of goals, typically beginning with lead generation and increasing sales on their website. Ultimately, these goals are just part of the long-term vision of WiT Group’s clients’ businesses. WiT Group assists clients in growing their businesses, propelling their company mission forward. This looks different from client to client. Part of WiT Group’s six-step process is to create a strategic roadmap which they do in the first few days of working with the client. They first conduct interviews with clients, conduct full discovery sessions, learn about their business, define their objectives, learn their perceived target audience, and conduct market research to ensure they have the right audience. Then, WiT Group helps its clients not only grow their inbound leads and online sales but also work towards broader goals, such as expanding into new markets, introducing new services, or growing their team. As they progress, they are able to provide better service. WiT Group makes its clients successful in their business, and in turn, they will be able to reach other goals that may seem indirect but are a direct result of their impact.

New Strategic Services Offered by WiT Group in 2024

In 2024, WiT Group expanded its services by introducing Witcraft, WiT Group’s podcast studio, and editing services, which are available for clients and the local business community in Columbia, South Carolina. Additionally, WiT Group introduced virtual assistant services through strategic partnerships, offering VA services at competitive rates.

In addition, WiT Group can provide advanced reporting and dashboards that tie into its systems integration and marketing automation services. While only some clients may need these services, for those with complex marketing platforms or CRMs, WiT Group can bring all this information together in a unified system. This allows executives and owners to visualize data trends and make informed decisions.

While WiT Group has always encouraged clients to consider these services, they were offered elsewhere before. WiT Group is pleased to now offer all these services in-house for any client in need.

Meet Josh Mangum, CEO/Founder of WiT Group:

Josh Mangum is an entrepreneur and inbound marketing expert who founded the company in 2011. Josh uses an objective-based marketing approach to align sales, marketing, and operational tactics to ensure optimal return on efforts. Josh Mangum leads WiT Group with a vision for company growth and a customer-centric approach tailored to each client’s objectives, leveraging his expertise in marketing strategy, talent management and process refinement. Mangum drives WiT Group’s mission to deliver measurable results through innovation, drive, and a passion for helping businesses grow through marketing and sales strategies.

Company name: WiT Group
Website: witgroupagency.com
Founder/CEO: Mr. Josh Mangum

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Company name: WiT Group
Website: witgroupagency.com
Founder/CEO: Mr. Josh Mangum

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