Shutterstock Launches AI Image Generation Platform in Collaboration with Industry Leaders

Shutterstock, a stock photography company, has unveiled its new AI image generation platform that will be accessible to all its global customers in every language available on the site. The CEO of Shutterstock, Paul Hennessy, stated that the company has developed collaborations with industry players such as OpenAI, Meta, and LG AI Research to promote generative AI research. As a result, Shutterstock can offer its customers responsibly-produced generative AI capabilities, Hennessy said. The AI image generator will allow users to create high-quality visuals by simply describing what they want, and the company’s generative platform will transform the way people convey their stories, according to Hennessy. In October 2021, Shutterstock extended its partnership with OpenAI to launch a fund that compensates artists for their contributions, with a focus on publishing insights related to AI-generated content. The objective of the partnership is to provide Shutterstock customers worldwide with OpenAI’s seamless image generation capabilities, enabling them to create images instantly based on the criteria they specify.

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