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Ridge Assists MedOne in Alleviating its Latency and Performance Challenges

MedOne is a cutting-edge data services company that operates advanced and highly secure data centers in the Middle East. Founded in 1999, the company currently manages 17 million square feet of data center space across three secure locations. MedOne provides Infrastructure as a Service through multiple cloud environments on top of world-class data centers and connectivity, and its cloud offering, MedOne Cloud, has been a resounding success since its inception.

Ericom, a provider of Zero Trust secure access solutions, has historically deployed its architecture on-premises at customer sites. However, the company realized the need to expand to public cloud regions to meet growing business needs. To adhere to local data regulations, ensure low latency, and provide secure remote browsing, Ericom required in-country web services for its cloud offerings. MedOne’s data center and offerings were impressive, but Ericom’s Devops team was initially hesitant to use a cloud service without a fully CNCF compliant managed Kubernetes offering.

By partnering with Ridge Cloud, a Ridge Cloud Service Provider (CSP), MedOne offers modern managed services to its customers on top of their existing cloud capabilities. This partnership provided Ericom with a seamless migration of its Kubernetes-based codebase from a US-based cloud operator to MedOne’s cloud, using Ridge’s APIs and standards-based deployment. This migration was completely seamless, with zero code rewrites required.

MedOne’s CTO, Gil Shani, stated that Ridge’s API allowed for simple configuration and deployment, enabling Ericom to easily add MedOne as another location for their infrastructure. This has opened up a new line of business for Ericom, as they can now offer a global footprint despite their physical facilities being in one country. The company is already identifying the next territory for deployment.

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