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Poised to Transform the Lives of Multitudes via His Educational Application

When the initial wave of the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe, Kyle Wallgren found himself geographically separated from his children. Whilst residing in the United States, his two offspring were located with their mother in his home country of Canada. His daughter, aged seven, voiced her longing to hear bedtime stories from her father, spurring Wallgren to explore various technological avenues for communication and story-sharing. However, he swiftly realized that there was a dearth of educational tools that could assist in ensuring that he imparted knowledge to his children whilst reading to them. This realization catalyzed the inception of Edsoma, an innovative platform geared towards children’s education and communication, intended to bring families closer together by facilitating quality time. The platform is scheduled for an early 2022 release on the iOS platform.

As the CEO of Edsoma, Wallgren’s lack of formal education in technology is no obstacle to his visionary and determined entrepreneurial spirit, which has enabled him to conceive an application with the potential to revolutionize users’ lives. Identifying gaps or needs within the market, he has demonstrated an ability to recruit individuals with the requisite expertise to devise an exceptional solution to fill those gaps. Despite his limited technological expertise, Wallgren trusts the team he has assembled to execute with precision, and his leadership style refrains from micromanagement, allowing his team to thrive and learn independently. In turn, his team has consistently exceeded expectations, exhibiting a boundless hunger for knowledge and success. Both Wallgren and his team are confident that the launch of Edsoma will positively impact the lives of millions of individuals.

As CEO, Wallgren’s responsibilities include developing a visionary outlook for the company, providing creative input on app development, and building a team capable of fulfilling their predetermined objectives.

“In light of creating an exceptional team, I am predominantly engaged in fundraising activities and the conceptualization and implementation of the design and development strategy of Edsoma,” he articulates.

Creating an education app after having no interest in it

Kyle was raised in a trailer park and had little interest in formal education during his school years. He was expelled at a young age and instead chose to pursue a registered apprenticeship program, earning a millwright certificate, which he later utilized in his work.

Despite his vocational accomplishments, Kyle recognizes his educational deficiencies, particularly when reading to his children through technological mediums during the lockdown. He realized the need to develop an effective solution to bridge the educational gap and enable underprivileged children to achieve their academic potential without the need for costly tutors.

Kyle’s experience has led him to establish Edsoma, an organization aimed at providing affordable secondary education resources and tutoring to individuals from lower-income backgrounds. He acknowledges the alarming statistic that millions of Americans struggle with basic literacy, which puts them at a disadvantage from an early age.

Through Edsoma, Kyle aims to reduce the educational disparity and enable children from all backgrounds to receive a quality education. He believes that education is crucial for a better future and hopes that his initiative will facilitate this opportunity for those who are economically disadvantaged.

Edsoma offers a real-time FaceTime interface for global family members. Kyle is sanguine about his innovation’s potential to disrupt the educational terrain. He posits that Edsoma will aid individuals akin to himself who labor away from home, grandparents yearning to catch a glimpse of their grandchildren, and military families stationed around the world. By utilizing Edsoma, all parties can play an augmented role in their children’s education.

Arriving in America with Nothing on Him

Presently, Kyle can be deemed a prosperous entrepreneur; however, such was not the case some years ago. He immigrated to the United States from Canada with minimal possessions.

Hailing from Olds, Alberta, Canada, which was a hamlet of 5000 inhabitants during his upbringing, Kyle commenced his toil at a tender age. “I can recollect setting up lemonade stands when I was six or seven years old,” Kyle recollects. “I mowed lawns on my block every summer, and when the snow arrived, I shoveled driveways.” At the age of nineteen, Kyle commenced his inaugural official enterprise. During summers, he would work on concrete projects, while he would service the oilfields during the winters.

In 2015, Kyle’s trade crashed when oil prices plummeted. He had to liquidate all his assets to settle his debts. “I found myself commencing anew,” Kyle reminisces. “I gathered all my possessions in a trailer and hooked it to my pickup truck and moved to America.” A week later, he forfeited his trailer as well; it was repossessed.

“That sensation of losing the only reality you know is inexplicable,” Kyle articulates. “It compelled me to seize every opportunity that surfaced. Since then, I have established and sold a bucking bull company and a manufacturing facility.”

Kyle personifies immaculate work ethics — a characteristic he inherited from his mother. He tasted success anew since entrepreneurship and risk-taking are two concepts he knows best. He avers that risk-taking perhaps flows in his DNA since his childhood. However, Kyle has also imbibed a calculated approach along with risk-taking. He relies heavily on data to make vital business decisions. He espouses this meticulous approach as he does not desire his investors to undergo financial loss.

Kyle once again stumbled upon the opportunity to launch his trade in the United States. He has exclusively positive opinions about the land of prospects. “In America, if you exhibit your best every day, you will be observed,” Kyle maintains. “I pride myself on exhibiting my best, offering aid, and never considering a stranger.”

A roadblock is not a barrier

Over the years, Kyle has endured numerous setbacks; however, he remains impervious to roadblocks. While his colleagues perceive them as obstacles, Kyle regards them as catalysts for personal growth. “Roadblocks sound pessimistic,” Kyle remarks. “If you can transmute those events that others may perceive as roadblocks into opportunities, and leverage them to propel your growth, then it no longer has an adverse effect on you. It becomes the next learning occasion.”

“I do not believe I encountered any roadblocks; I only had more chances to learn,” Kyle avows.

Moment of Life-Changing

Most leaders undergo a pivotal moment that alters their outlook on life. Kyle is no exception. For him, it was the death of his grandfather, his hero, whom he could not bid a final farewell to as he was away on work. That incident transformed Kyle into a different individual. “It was that moment that sculpted me into who I am today,” he asserts.

“Since then, I have vowed to bring as much pride to my family as he did to ours,” Kyle affirms. He envisions that Edsoma will fulfill that pledge.

Kyle opines that success manifests in various forms. If he were to define his version of success, it would be “leaving an indelible impression on society that my future generations can take pride in.” His aspiration for tomorrow is to establish a legacy that brings his family pride.

“I desire to create a legacy,” Kyle enunciates. “Everyone knows Henry Ford and Elon Musk. That is the type of legacy I aim to establish in the education industry.”

Kyle yearns for the education industry to recognize him as a prominent figure. He does not seek personal recognition, but rather desires Edsoma to gain recognition for empowering millions of people to read, write, and communicate proficiently in various languages, particularly English. “I want people to acknowledge and appreciate the positive influence of Edsoma,” Kyle expresses. He does not mind if Edsoma overshadows his identity, but he aspires for people to discuss how his app improved the lives of many, akin to Ford and Musk.

aggressive objectives for the business

Kyle has established ambitious objectives for his company. Within the next three years, he aims to reach 1.9 million individuals with the Edsoma app, and make a significant impact in schools and people’s lives worldwide. He also highlights the app’s potential to benefit adults who never had the opportunity to learn how to read or improve their language skills. Kyle’s ultimate aim is to become the foremost leader in education and reading within the next five years.

Kyle exudes confidence in achieving his targets, citing the need to surround himself with the right team of individuals who share his vision. He believes that they are realistic goals, as evidenced by the thousands of pre-subscribers who have already shown interest in the Edsoma app even before its public release.

Kyle is certain that Edsoma will change the lives of millions of people. He envisions that in 30 years, an individual who becomes the President of the United States may have learned how to read using their platform. Kyle believes that by providing a low-cost and accessible educational resource at an early age, Edsoma can offer the chance for a better education and a brighter future, even for individuals who might otherwise have never escaped poverty.

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