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Omio partners with Uber to offer global intercity transport options within the app

Omio, a popular European travel booking platform, has been expanding its B2B line by making its inventory available to partners via APIs. The company has been working on its consumer-facing apps for almost a decade and offers booking services for intercity and international travel, including various transport options.

Omio’s focus has shifted towards building partnerships, allowing other platforms to integrate transport booking options into their own apps. CEO Naren Shaam confirmed that Uber is not the first partner for Omio, but it is the first to gain full access to its ground transport inventory, which includes over 1,000 transportation providers across 37 countries.

Shaam further stated that Uber is the first partner to be given full access to Omio’s ticketing API, allowing customers to complete their bookings within the Uber app. He added that the collaboration with Uber is the first time they are proud of the product being offered.

Omio’s previous B2B partnerships include UK-based LNER, travel search engine Kayak, and technology giant Huawei, among others. However, the partnership with Uber marks a significant milestone for the company as it aims to expand its presence in the travel industry. By partnering with other platforms, Omio can increase its reach and offer its services to a wider audience.

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