MyWorkChoice: Pioneering Flexible Workforce Solutions in Today’s Manufacturing Industry

In today’s job market, hourly workers are seeking full-time employment that offers the flexibility to balance work with personal life. This evolving demand presents a significant challenge, particularly in manufacturing and distribution facilities, where traditional roles often come with rigid schedules and high turnover rates.

Addressing this challenge head-on, MyWorkChoice offers a flexible workforce solution that meets the needs of both businesses and hourly employees. Founded on the principle of empowering workers through choice, MyWorkChoice combines over 30 years of expertise in staffing with cutting-edge, data-driven technology to tackle issues like high absenteeism and worker turnover.

Facilities partnering with MyWorkChoice are discovering that flexibility does not have to come at the expense of productivity. With a transformative workforce management model, MyWorkChoice is setting new industry standards, increasing worker retention, and driving operational success with reliable workforces.

To delve deeper into the company’s mission and success, we sat down with Tana Greene, CEO and Founder of MyWorkChoice. Her personal journey and vision offer a compelling insight into how MyWorkChoice is reshaping the labor market.

Can you tell us about your journey in the business field and how you envisioned the launch of MyWorkChoice?

Tana Greene: My journey is a testament that adversity is not an endpoint but a beginning. From navigating life’s challenges at a young age to breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry, my path has been anything but conventional. As the CEO and Co-founder of MyWorkChoice, these life lessons have shaped how we built a company that breaks barriers and helps manufacturers and distributors create the workforce of the future.

What is the story behind the establishment of MyWorkChoice?

Tana Greene: My life story is one of overcoming challenges and staying focused on a goal. At sixteen, I was a mother, and by eighteen, I had survived domestic abuse and was divorced. Yet, I saw these experiences not as setbacks but as stepping stones. I set clear goals: finish school, own a house by 25, and start my own business by 30. I achieved all of those goals and decided to set some new ones. When I founded MyWorkChoice in 2017, it was with a vision to “empower the working world.” By bringing frontline hourly employees work-life balance, I created a purpose-driven business that provides today’s workers the flexibility they want while delivering what clients need—reliable workers.

What value do you bring to the partners?

Tana Greene: At MyWorkChoice, we understand the critical need for a reliable workforce that manufacturers and distributors can count on. We don’t just supply workers; we provide employees with the chance to play a vital role in our partners’ operations. Our model is designed to stop the revolving door of hourly staff, ensuring that our partners have the consistent, committed workforce necessary to meet their production and shipping goals.

What are the key benefits of embracing flexibility in today’s labor sector?

Tana Greene: Embracing flexibility is essential in meeting the needs of today’s modern workforce. People need the ability to work around their lives while still supporting their families. This creates substantial recruitment advantages, helps retention, and ensures our clients have the reliable workers they need to meet their production goals every day. Flexibility also enhances employee satisfaction, which translates into higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

Is it possible to empower workers and stabilize companies at the same time?

Tana Greene: Absolutely. Most companies worry that giving workers more choice in their schedule will only worsen their absenteeism and headcount problems. Empowering the hourly frontline workforce is actually the key to stabilizing the workforce in manufacturing and supply chain facilities. By treating hourly workers with the dignity and respect they deserve, we reduce churn and open up a pipeline to supervisor and leadership roles, beginning with more schedule options and choices on the front lines. This approach not only benefits the employees but also leads to a more motivated and dedicated workforce for the companies.

How do you solve absenteeism with the help of automated backfill technology?

Tana Greene: Our automated backfill technology is a game-changer. It acts as an operational safety net, ensuring that our client’s labor needs are always met for every shift. When workers have an unexpected emergency, they can simply drop the shift in the MyWorkChoice app. Our technology automatically finds and notifies our pool of workers already trained and familiar with the facility to cover the shift, ensuring there’s no disruption in operations. This system not only reduces the stress on employees but also maintains productivity levels for our clients.

Why is MyWorkChoice an effective alternative to traditional temp agencies?

Tana Greene: MyWorkChoice represents the future of staffing and workforce management. Traditional staffing services are talking a lot about “flexibility” in their workforce but are still offering the same outdated jobs. Our approach allows companies to simply hand us a labor order and we take care of the rest. We hire, fire, manage schedules, identify labor gaps, and address absenteeism in a way that’s seamless and effective. It’s a one-stop shop that addresses the heart of today’s labor challenges. We firmly believe (along with our clients) that this is the future of how manufacturing and distribution companies hire, retain, and upskill their workforce.

Company Name: MyWorkChoice
Founder & CEO: Tana Greene

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Company Name: MyWorkChoice
Founder & CEO: Tana Greene

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