FORT Robotics Raises $13 Million Funding to Accelerate Expansion and Strengthen Safety Solutions for Autonomous Machines

Philadelphia-based FORT Robotics has secured $13 million in funding, with Prime Movers Lab leading the investment round. Prime Movers Lab specializes in investing in scientific startups with the potential to improve the lives of billions. Other investors included Prologis Ventures, Quiet Capital, Lemnos Labs, Creative Ventures, Ahoy Capital, Compound, FundersClub, and Mark Cuban.

The recent influx of capital will enable FORT Robotics to expand its workforce and enhance its product offerings in key markets. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with our new investors to establish FORT at the forefront of this rapidly developing industry,” stated founder and CEO Samuel Reeves. “We’re on the brink of a new industrial revolution in mobile automation. With additional investment and support, we can quickly scale the company to capitalize on this trend and opportunity, ensuring that robotic systems are deployed safely across all sectors.”

Mark Cuban, who also invested in FORT, emphasized the importance of protecting individuals in the workplace who work with and around robots, especially in the era of automation. FORT Robotics, a technology company that specializes in creating safety-and-security solutions for autonomous machines, has assisted many Fortune 1,000 companies in numerous sectors, including warehousing, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, turf care, last-mile delivery, and transportation.

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