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Terms and conditions The CEO Vision

Terms And Conditions

Welcome to The CEO Vision, where your engagement with our website signifies your acceptance of the following comprehensive terms and conditions. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names associated with The CEO Vision and featured on our website are the exclusive property of The CEO Vision. These trademarks are vigilantly guarded by relevant trademark laws and regulations, ensuring their rightful protection. Unauthorized usage or reproduction of these trademarks is strictly forbidden and constitutes a breach of legal protocols.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, The CEO Vision retains full ownership of all content presented on the site. This includes marks, text, logos, graphics, images, data, and the overall arrangement of the content, collectively referred to as “Site Content.” This safeguarding of content ownership ensures the integrity and authenticity of the material we provide. The contributions of writers, guest posts, and contributors, while valued, are beyond our direct control. In instances where content breaches established guidelines, we encourage you to notify us promptly, and we will take appropriate measures to address the matter.

Prior permission is required to utilize website content on external platforms. While we endeavor to provide convenient external links, it is important to note that their content lies outside our jurisdiction. The CEO Vision neither endorses nor assumes responsibility for the accuracy or validity of such external content. Your reliance on or usage of external links is conducted at your own discretion and risk.

The CEO Vision disclaims all liability for losses, liabilities, damages (whether direct, indirect, or consequential), personal injuries, or expenses arising from your use of the website or its provided information. This disclaimer encompasses both personal usage and any potential impact on third parties, including your company. The terms and conditions of your website engagement are under the jurisdiction of Indian law, irrespective of conflicting legal principles. Both parties mutually agree that any disputes arising from this agreement will be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of Indian courts

Refund Policy:

At The CEO Vision, we uphold a strict no-cancellation policy for advertisements. We reserve the right to decline or terminate advertisements if they are deemed unsuitable for any reason. Advertisers must adhere to our criteria and submission deadlines to ensure the quality of their materials. Please note that terms and conditions outlined here are subject to potential adjustments without prior notification. Our liability is limited to the refund of advertising fees exclusively. For any modifications to advertising materials, content, or contract terms, advertisers must contact The CEO Vision at least 15 days before the scheduled release date.

For any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at info@theceovision.com.

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