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A Robust Marketing Automation Platform for Realtors, with Impressive Growth and Success Stories”

Zurple provides a robust and advanced marketing automation platform that caters to thousands of realtors. In 2013, Zurple gained the impressive 33rd rank on the highly esteemed Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. In the subsequent year, Zillow selected Zurple as one of only two launch partners for its exclusive Tech Connect Technology Integration Partnership program. The Perseus Group later acquired Zurple in August 2015.

Zurple offers an exceptional Start Conversations™ feature that intelligently engages leads on your behalf by sending personalized emails from your email address. These emails are tailored to each lead’s behavior and reference specific properties and market data that are highly relevant and valuable to them. This showcases your expertise and personalized attention to the lead’s needs.

You’ll receive prompt and well-timed lead contact alerts from Zurple when it’s the best time to reach out to a specific lead based on their behavior. These notifications provide specific property and market data recommendations to refer to while starting a conversation that will be most valuable and relevant to the lead.

Zurple can also assist you in generating leads in the preferred markets by targeting subareas rather than just cities and zip codes. Zurple optimizes your marketing budget by limiting paid traffic on Google and other platforms to your specific area, which results in advertising solely to your most valuable audience.

Moreover, Zurple customers can purchase search engine marketing services to ensure a consistent flow of new leads each month that are directed into their Zurple software. A significant percentage of Zurple customers also pull in leads from sources such as Zillow or other channels.

Zurple’s Success Story: A Case Study

Zurple’s effectiveness in nurturing leads is exemplified by the success of Danny, a distinguished real estate professional with over 18 years of experience, who follows a “client-first” philosophy. With a remarkable reputation in the industry, Danny has established himself as a reliable agent who prioritizes accessibility, communication, and prompt response to his clients’ needs.

Since its inception in 1976, First Team Real Estate has been assisting homebuyers and sellers in accomplishing their real estate objectives, having expanded from a single office in Huntington Beach to 29 offices scattered across Southern California, boasting a team of over 2,000 agents and service professionals. As Southern California’s leading independent real estate firm, First Team Real Estate has earned this title by consistently achieving the highest sales volume and providing superior selling tools.

From Software Industry Manager to Top-Performing Realtor

Before delving into the real estate industry, Danny managed sales and finance departments in the software development industry. As a real estate investor, Danny owned income properties in various states, including California, Nevada, and Florida. In 2009, Danny joined the First Team Real Estate team and went on to have a remarkable career, culminating in his recognition as their top agent in 2018, with annual sales of $15-$20 million. Danny’s commitment to delivering a 5-star customer experience and safeguarding his clients’ best interests continues to drive his success.

The Solution to Danny’s Online Lead Generation Needs

After eight years as a real estate professional, Danny came to the realization that online lead generation would be critical to maintaining his success. Drawing on his background in the software development industry, he understood that leveraging technology would help him extend his reach and improve his effectiveness. He also recognized that nurturing online leads through their real estate journey would be key. In November 2017, Danny turned to Zurple and was quickly impressed with the Conversation platform’s automated follow-up and lead behavior tracking capabilities. With a significant portion of his time spent with clients, Zurple’s Conversations™ platform allowed Danny to remain focused on his “client first” philosophy both in person and online, resulting in a significant improvement in his business.

“When I started using Zurple’s Conversations™ platform, I also began working with Realtor.com. At this point, I was primarily focused on capturing online leads. However, I quickly discovered that the leads generated by Zurple were of higher quality than those from other sources.”

Zurple’s Conversations™ platform intelligently engages leads on Danny’s behalf by sending personalized emails from his email address. The platform’s email notifications also help Danny stay on top of his online leads, allowing him to reference the communications recorded in the system when reaching out to them.

Since joining forces with Zurple, Danny now has over 800 leads being nurtured by the platform, with over 100 leads maintaining consistent communication. As a result, Danny continues to be one of the top-performing agents in Orange County, California. With extensive experience navigating all market conditions, Danny has successfully helped clients weather market swings. Thanks to Zurple’s Conversations™ platform, Danny can continue to perform at a high level.

Jack Markham | General Manager | Zurple

Jack Markham joined Z57 and Zurple, owned by Constellation Software, in April 2017 as vice president and site director. Markham has been promoted to general manager and now focuses on managing day-to-day operations at the two companies.

Markham has renewed the focus at the companies by completely changing the mentality to one that is “customer-obsessed.” Under his leadership, Z57 and Zurple have improved customer engagement, increased brand rating and changed customer perceptions. This has helped both companies increase their value offering to agents, allowing them to retain agents as clients for longer periods.

Markham previously created Market Leader’s Million Dollar Pipeline Program to help agents build a solid foundation for long-term success. The program addressed an array of topics, such as how to increase lead generation via social media and how to engage and motivate consumers. Markham also worked for Trulia and Equator before taking on his current role.He won the 2015 HousingWire Rising Star Award and is a thought-leader who frequently speaks at real estate events across the U.S. to share tips and best practices, including how to turn leads into lasting relationships. In 2018, Markham adds being published in Forbes to his list of accomplishments.

“Customer success and morale, and employee success and morale, should be the foundation of every business, and something that every business owner should focus on daily,”

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