Give a brief overview of your business, including size and geographical coverage:

LAWGLOBAL HUB LTD is a legal-tech company providing legal information and resources to thousands of users in Nigeria, India, South Africa, the United States, and other countries around the globe. It is registered as a private company limited by shares under the authority of the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

As a global resource of law, LawGlobal Hub avails users the opportunity to access both domestic and international legal resources. We supply legal articles, statutory documents, topical cases, as well as judicial precedents through our repository.

In furtherance of SDG 4 as well as SDG16 on the provision of quality education and facilitation of justice, LawGlobal Hub has provided free and easily accessible legal information to over 1 million users in more than 100 countries in less than 3 years of existence. And we are determined in our vision to provide more and reach a wider audience.

Tell us about your position and leadership at LAWGLOBAL HUB LTD:

I, Inioluwa Olaposi, am the Founder and CEO of LAWGLOBAL HUB LTD. I currently lead a team of Nigerian and Indian staff to manage and improve our online content repository.

I believe in providing easily accessible information, and I aspire that LawGlobal Hub would reach more people in various nations, even in places where we currently have an impact. I also aspire to bring more advancing innovation to the legal world through technology.

I founded LawHub NG in late 2020. The legal repository was listed as one of the top law blogs in Nigeria at the time. With grace and tenacity, under my management, LawHub NG metamorphosed into LawGlobal Hub in December 2021. From that time, I have managed the affairs of volunteers, who have now formed the staff of the company.

I oversee the publications made on our website, as well as our LinkedIn page. Officers at LawGlobal Hub are in charge of various duties such as content creation, publication, as well as promotion. As the director, I assign relevant roles to appropriate persons and set specific deadlines. I make sure each task is well performed for the furtherance of our core objectives.

Also, as a search engine optimizer, I create new strategies for our content to stay above competition on search engine result pages.

It is my goal that more people in local communities around the globe would have easy access to legal information and resources, and I fulfill this by directing the company.

What are your main target markets?

LAWGLOBAL HUB is targeted at supplying legal information and resources to everybody, everywhere. This vision is made possible through its provision of easily accessible articles, documents, and other legal resources. Its major audience has been legal enthusiasts, including law students, legal practitioners, judicial professionals, researchers, etc.

LawGlobal Hub avails users the opportunity to access both domestic and international legal resources. We supply legal articles, statutory documents, topical cases, as well as judicial precedents. The majority of our users come from Nigeria, India, South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What do you consider to be the outstanding points of the products/services you offer?

Through our easily navigable website, LawGlobal Hub renders accessible legal resources. Finding legal information is made simple and easy.

LAWGLOBAL HUB leverages the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to stay at the top of many search engine result pages for many keywords. This helps users find answers to their questions on our pages through a simple query on search engines like Google.

Additionally, our statutory documents are click-optimized, making them easily navigable. It is usual to find documents that need to be scrolled to be accessed. However, our innovative documents are embedded with links that lead to different parts of the same document to enable the user to move from section to section (or article to article) with little or no scrolling.

Moreover, all our pages have a live search at the header which users can engage to move from any page of the website to a page relevant to their query.

How do you ensure you stay on top of the pace of technology change?

At LAWGLOBAL HUB, we are always on the lookout for emerging technological innovations that can help improve the experience of users. We have already at work a web application that functions seamlessly as the website itself. This helps users find their way to a page without having to load a browser.

From an optimized search experience to direct result strategy and click-enabled documents, LawGlobal Hub has put in place innovative strategies in delivering the right experience to our users, globally.

Please provide information relating to ethical or sustainable practices the company operates?

At LawGlobal Hub, we do not promote fake information or publish mere sentiments. The majority of our articles, even though expressing the views of the authors, are research-based and usually addressing a particular legal question.

Please state any notable achievements over the last 12 months?

In early September 2023, LawGlobal Hub was announced as a winner in the APAC Legal Awards for Best Emerging Legal Repository of the Year 2023.

Additionally, we won the Innovative Legal-tech Company of the Year Award in the CorporateLiveWire Global Awards 2023/2024, and the award for the Best Emerging Innovative Legal Tech Company in the MEA Business Awards 2023.

What is your long-term strategy/ future objectives?

LawGlobal Hub has a 5-point strategic mission, highlighted as follows:

  • Legal information for all people everywhere.
  • IT tools for legal enthusiasts, legal practitioners, judges, etc.
  • Cross-border legal research.
  • Prints, publication, and marketing of law books, journals, and reports.
  • Legal training for students, workers, and other groups.

Let us have your concluding words

We can all admit that information is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It drives the understanding we have of our world and how we relate to one another. Legal information, specifically, can preserve the right of an individual, promote peace, and facilitate justice. The desire to fill the vacuum in the provision of legal information and resources is at the core of what we do at LAWGLOBAL HUB LTD.

Company Name: LawGlobal Hub
Founder & CEO: Inioluwa Olaposi

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