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The pursuit of a wildly prosperous business is a common aspiration, yet the pragmatic aspects of running a successful enterprise often elude us. The higher the profit margin, the greater the number of invoices and accounts receivable to manage, and the more intricate the financial management becomes. Outsourcing financial management offers an optimal solution for seamless business expansion, devoid of accounting hurdles. Astute financial management and meticulous financial reporting are indispensable to the growth of any business. However, building an adept finance department requires full-time staff who may or may not meet your company’s specific needs. By outsourcing financial management and utilizing cutting-edge accounting software, one can shift the focus towards core business operations, procure reliable financial data, and save a considerable amount of company resources. Entrusting bookkeeping to an outsourced accounting firm provides the CFO with peace of mind and allows them to devote sufficient time to pressing issues within the organization

NeoSystems LLC is an esteemed provider of outsourced financial management, human capital, information technology, hosting, and managed security services to both nonprofit organizations and government contractors. The company employs an adaptive approach, combining the skills of its expert staff with top-notch software applications, to help its clients minimize their accounting and financial expenses. Additionally, NeoSystems offers a range of valuable services, such as staff onboarding, evaluation, development, and termination, while maintaining strict compliance with ever-changing government standards and program requirements. The company’s impressive portfolio of offerings is further strengthened by its team of responsive and innovative IT professionals.

“Facilitating simplified yet substantive financial management and outsourcing solutions.”

Deltek Costpoint Services: NeoSystems provides businesses with Deltek Costpoint services, a sophisticated enterprise management software that is specifically designed for project-based organizations. The software enhances business efficiency and profitability by allowing teams to manage and track their projects seamlessly. Deltek Costpoint stands out as the leading accounting and reporting system that simplifies regulatory compliance and streamlines audits. With its exceptional project management, accounting, labor, reporting, and compliance capabilities, the Costpoint software provides government contractors with unparalleled services. It has earned the trust of federal agencies and their auditors as the leading platform for project management. NeoSystems offers scalable solutions that improve the performance of your back office, with an experienced team of industry experts, cutting-edge information technology tools, and an advanced technical infrastructure. Our solutions are tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs, ensuring that you get the maximum benefits from the software.

NeoSystems delivers tailor-made solutions for managing back office operations, empowering organizations to achieve rapid and efficacious expansion. With their comprehensive software suite, NeoSystems can streamline accounting, finance, human resources, contract, and IT functions in any milieu. Their strategic alliances with industry leaders such as Deltek, Workday Adaptive Planning, Integrify, SAP Concur, UKG, IBM, NetSuite, TIP Technologies, and Microsoft enable them to provide exceptional back office software solutions and services to their clients. NeoSystems offers supple, cost-effective, and transformative solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. Apart from providing top-tier software, NeoSystems also offers advisory services such as back office software selection and can aid with system configuration and integrated solutions implementation, ultimately empowering businesses to optimize efficiencies and propel growth.

The NeoSystems Expense Connector is a cutting-edge solution that greatly improves the integration capabilities of Concur Expense and Deltek Costpoint. By creating a seamless connection between the two platforms, the Expense Connector enables data to be transferred without the need for duplicate data entry, leading to enhanced efficiency and accuracy. This streamlined approach allows government contractors to efficiently manage their travel and expense data in real-time, providing a clear view of their finances. With automated data synchronization, employee reimbursements can be processed quickly and accurately, leading to increased satisfaction. Using the NeoSystems Expense Connector, you can effortlessly transfer expense data from Concur Expense to Deltek Costpoint, ensuring a smooth and speedy process.

Michael Tinsley | President & CEO

Michael Tinsley is a prominent figure in the back office industry, renowned for his ability to develop effective strategies and solutions for government contractors, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities. As the Founder, President, and CEO of NeoSystems, he leads a team of professionals with diverse skill-sets to deliver scalable and comprehensive back office solutions and systems to clients. Through his guidance, NeoSystems has expanded to manage strategic back office functions for over 200 clients across multiple industries.

Michael’s exceptional leadership and entrepreneurship skills have earned him recognition and accolades. He was named a Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® Mid-Atlantic for the second year in a row in 2016 and was also a Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Emerging/Growth category in 2015. With extensive financial and administrative management experience in high-growth businesses and organizations, Michael enables NeoSystems to provide customized solutions that align with clients’ growth strategy.

Mr. Tinsley holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Murray State University, showcasing his strong educational background and commitment to continued learning and growth.

“Our affordable accounting services for government contractors allow them to focus on executing for their client, the US government.”

Company Name: NeoSystems LLC
President And CEO: Michael Tinsley

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